Concealed Carry Prevents Negro Crime

There's no such thing as an armed slave and an armed victim is almost as rare. This is why when a government runs amok one of the first orders of business is disarming the populace. This is why we've seen the demonizing of guns from the controlled dinosaur media. For the future marxist Amerika all good citizens must be totally defenseless against the tyranny, both from the evil rulers and from run-of-the-mill brown criminals. Luckily, we're not there yet.

We've learned the identity of the man shot and killed while he was trying to rob a Dollar General Monday night. The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office says a customer at the store on Dunn Avenue shot 22 year-old Rakeem Odoms three times when Odoms refused to hand over his gun.

Where over five decades of "civil rights" failed, the gun succeeded. This worthless negro was transformed into something good and useful, i.e. fertilizer.

Living Fossil, full of foreign DNA.

The 57-year-old grandfather who shot Odoms was doing some late-night shopping at the Dollar General store on Dunn Avenue when all of the sudden, two men stormed in and tried robbing it.

No trip to the "crib" for this savage, just a one-way ticket to the grave. A man old enough to remember White America put an end to the monkey-shines.

That's the story of a robbery that went right. Because of one brave man who was armed, the typical negro pathology has a happy ending. We all need to be armed and avoid the negro as much as possible. When we're forced to be among them, we need to be alert and ready to act. Let's have more stories like this one and no more "dog bites man" hush crimes of negroes preying on Whites. 


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