Guns, Poverty and Segregation Blamed For Typical Negro Behavior

Rahm Emanuel's plantation has provided steady grist for this blog this summer, with various identical looking and behaving browns acting in a fashion that is completely predictable via statistics and evolutionary biology. The shootings, the swarms, the flash robs, the seemingly endless bizarre excuses blaming everything from "poverty" to the racist legacy of peaceful religious separatists who believed in rule of law and individual responsibility.

Today, some wet brain liberal tries to grapple with these issues and the results are embarrassing.

Among what are considered Alpha world cities, Chicago has the highest murder rate -- higher even than the Third World metropolises of Mexico City and Sao Paolo.

If the Chicago Plantation and May-hee-Co Shitty qualify as Alpha I'd hate to see what a Beta city looks like.

But Chicago’s murder rate is not proof that gun control doesn’t work. It’s proof that, in a country with one gun per citizen, local gun laws are meaningless.

Let’s look at Tokyo, one of the safest cities on that list, with a murder rate of 0.5 per 100,000 citizens. Japan’s constitution does not guarantee its citizens the right to bear arms. Handguns are prohibited. Semi-automatic weapons are prohibited. Automatic rifles are prohibited. The only exceptions are hunting shotguns and target-shooting pistols. The penalty for illegal possession of a gun is up to 15 years in prison. Japan has a population of 127 million. In 2006, two people were murdered with guns.

After a respectable start it's off the rails into liberal fantasy land. First, blame the gun. Then discuss Japan. Japan is racially homogenous. Japan is populated by individuals with an I.Q. average much higher than 85. The Japanese do not carry foreign DNA shared by no other segment of humanity.

Meanwhile in Londonistan draconian gun laws are powerless against negro and mohammedan crime and the government is seriously considering knife control and even unarmed defense control. There's no end to this madness.  

In other words: it's the racial and genetic make-up, stupid. 

The number-one factor in predicting crime is not guns -- or lack of guns. It is concentrated urban poverty. Because of Chicago’s history as a segregated city, we have a lot of that. 

And one final, pathetic whimper. Poverty is not equivalent to free government money, food, phones, health care, housing, etc. We don't know what poverty is. Consider poor Whites in Appalachia. Then note the lack of crime. 

It's the race, idiot. 

It takes a special kind of willful denial to continue to excuse the pathology of the American negro in light of everything we now know. The low I.Q. The poor impulse control. The lack of future orientation. The foreign DNA. The muzzles. The brow ridges. For fear of the marxist we can't have an honest dialogue on the root cause of negro dysfunction, namely genetic determinism. 

Dem Pilgrims be to blame fo' dis.

So go back to sleeping, Whitey. Believe nonsense about the inherent evil of guns and "poverty" among the designer clothes wearing obese "poor." Or wake up to White Nationalism. Your choice.


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