Kollege Professor Goes Full Retard

American Kolleges, also known as Communist Indoctrination Centers, exist primarily to act as a four year brainwashing program in cultural marxism. Outside of a select few disciplines most majors are virtually useless in the real world, so obviously educating people for the future is not the goal. No, the goal is Right Think. All races are equal. Race doesn't exist. Whites are evil. Gender doesn't exist. Men are evil. Sexual Orientation doesn't exist. Straight people are evil. It's a predictable script.

Being paid to spew this nonsense is little more than a scam and it's almost impossible to lose your position as long as you toe the marxist party line. Or if you go full retard and bully a hapless fast food employee.

Mr. Smith is an Adjunct Lecturer at Eller College in Arizona and he also is the CFO of Vante, a catheter manufacturing company.

Apparently, Adam Smith is not a fan of the head of Chick-fil-A and he decided to let the company know how he felt. Smith sat in the drive through lane of a local franchise, intending to only order “free water” and give the company a piece of his mind.

Well, he's not the more famous Adam Smith, obviously. Instead he was filled with a kind of madness by exposure to a Communist Indoctrination Center.

This nut-job was in charge of educating our young.

He tells the young woman working the window, “This is a horrible corporation with horrible values.”

Please, Mr. Smith, educate the proletarian in proper dialectic thinking. 

He also goes out of his way to stress ,”I’m a nice guy, by the way… totally heterosexual. Not a gay in me, I just can’t stand the hate.”

Any opposition to the marxist agenda, no matter how feckless, apologetic or mild is automatically considered "hate." This is a worthless argument, on par with "I don't like you, therefore you're wrong." You can make your own joke about his "doth protest too much" insistence of not having a gay in him. 

You can watch the full-blown, delusional meltdown at the above link. More "bullying" from the champions of tolerance. More hypocrisy and "all animals are equal, but some more so." It would be completely laughable if clowns like this weren't influencing the next generation. Save your Kollege money and learn a skill. All you'll miss out on is the marxism.


  1. Follow-up: Smith got fired from Vante as a result of the Chick-Fil-A video. He then released a follow-up video, where he starts by apologizing to the drive-through attendant and then relapses into moral preening:


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