Negro Nightmare: Elderly Couple Beaten, Raped

What will happen when Whites are the minority, when we have lost all political power, when we struggle to survive at the margins of society? Will the marxists stop blaming us for genetically-created brown failure? Will the institutional racism against Whites stop? Will we even be allowed to live in peace in our twilight years as the endless dark night descends? The answer, to all those questions, is no.

Even now, with White displacement only partially achieved our enemies are getting bolder. More racist programs. More White guilt like the odious "Unfair" project. More negro swarm attacks. More illegals from Honduras and other Latin American Hell holes. In addition to all of this, we now have a new, growing negro hush crime: beating and raping the elderly.

Tony L. Putman, 18, of Kansas City was charged with six felonies Tuesday afternoon. The charges include one count of rape and two counts of robbery.

The couple's ordeal began about 1:30 p.m. Monday when a man broke into their home near 73rd Street and Campbell Avenue. Entry was gained through a basement window, which was broken. 

Typical negro behavior, yet another confirmation of "stereotypes."

In the meantime, the man's 84-year-old wife came home. She had been at the bank where she had gotten $400. Police said the woman came into the house and heard her husband moaning.

"She went upstairs to check on him and she met his attacker," according to court documents. "He bound her hands and demanded money. She gave him $5."

After forcing the woman upstairs, the man took $400 from her she had just received from the bank. He then raped her, according to court documents. Putman allegedly also stole jewelry from the home. 

It's hard to even comprehend the animal savagery of this brown monster. Low I.Q. and foreign DNA offer the scientific answers, but the natural reaction is still disbelief that anyone would do this. The only acceptable conclusion is that this negro simply isn't human.

Full Story. 

Another horrific example of negro pathology. Another reason to remove them from White nations. I don't ever want to read another story like this, but unless things changes it's inevitable I will. White Nationalism is the only solution.


  1. .
    Every news story on those “people” should
    use a VOICE OVER like that of the following…
    “”"And here are some scenes from our next terrifying
    — as we cautiously observe the impact of the unprovoked
    and mind-boggling violent social-behavior as found displayed
    among THE TYPICAL HERD-PACK when it is composed OF THE
    “Non-Incarcerated-Ghetto-Ground-Ape” (aka. the ‘NIGGA’).
    It should be noted that a baby gazelle surrounded by a
    pride of lions is, on certain occasions, safer than an
    actual human-being in the presence of THE TYPICAL
    “Non-Incarcerated Ghetto-Ground-Ape” (the ‘NIGGA’).
    May God help humanity and let this entire species
    get forcibly sterilized ... throughout the whole world!!!


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