Negroes Hack Each Other to Pieces in African All Vs. All

The failings of the American negro have been well documented, but even that endless drumbeat of dysfunction and violence is somewhat tempered by White civilization and the significant percentage of White genetic admixture in most "African Americans." Back in The Mother, these advantages are absent and we can observe the negro in a completely controlled setting, free from any negative influence from evil, racist Whitey.

What we observe is savagery as negroes that could be twin brothers hack each other apart over imagined "ethnic" differences. The flying and pyramid building is, surprisingly, not in evidence.

Attackers armed with machetes and spears killed at least 48 villagers from a rival community overnight Tuesday and set houses ablaze in what the police say was a revenge attack. Most of the victims were women and children.

Expect to start seeing similar incidents, complete with spear-chucking, in Detroit and Chicago in the very near future. They've already got the "rival community" and "burning things" part down. All that remains is the removal of White technology and the return to stone age barbarism.

Coming soon to White nations.

Kitur said "34 were hacked to death and 14 others were burnt to death," while several huts were torched after a gang of men launched the attack, the latest in a long history of bitter clashes between the rival groups in the remote area of Kenya.

Mud huts going up in flames. Spear chucking. Simians being "hacked to death." Business as usual in the African all vs. all.

"In revenge, the Orma raided villages occupied by the Pokomo and burnt down more than 100 houses. Now the Pokomo have once again revenged by killing about 50 people. These are purely revenge attacks."

Back and forth with predictable destruction. Sounds like a typical Chicago weekend, just with marginally fewer Whites and White inventions. 

Somewhere the kosher powers that be are scheming up ways to bring more of these Africans into White nations. We're told that they'll magically become good citizens through some unknown process. It's pure madness. The African failure needs to stay quarantined there. Black countries for blacks, White countries for Whites. The alternative is a collapse into African misery.


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