Obama Avatar Robs McDonalds

The last four years have brought a fundamental transformation into a communist nation. As individual rights are stripped away and government theft from the White middle class accelerates it's just a matter of time before private individuals try to emulate these policies on a smaller scale. For example, by robbing a McDonalds.

This be an Obama care "tax" sucka!

Marvin McTeare, 22, is facing armed robbery and grand theft charges in connection with the late-January incident during which a masked gunman corralled employees into a rear office and had a McDonald’s manager turn over cash from a safe.

Time to redistribute the wealth. They didn't build that business anyway, so it's only fair that random negro thugs are allowed to share in the profits. Just pay your fair share. It's the right thing to do.
The negro behind the hope and change.

McTeare was already sitting in the Palm Beach County jail when charged with the McDonald’s robbery. He has been in custody since early-April, when he was busted on a variety of felony charges stemming from another armed robbery.

You shouldn't rob people. The government hates competition. 

And so the spiritual brother of our Kenyan communist is locked away in his "crib" for taking McDonald's 365 Black motto a little too literally. There is a right and wrong way to steal in today's U.S.S.A. The right way is to get elected and then institute marxism. The wrong way is to point an incorrectly held gun at fast food workers. 

We all need to pay our fair share. We just need to make sure the correct brown criminal gets the money. A criminal pretending to be a bigger criminal has been sent away. Hopefully the other piece of garbage will soon be removed and we'll begin taking steps to establish a White nation.


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