Orwell's Olympics

Cultural marxism has been featured more prominently at the 2012 games than any other, starting with a bizarre opening ceremony that implied Britain had always been majority negro and continuing until the latest arrests for hate thought. It's very clear that the nation wreckers are eager to push the communist agenda under the veneer of sporting contests.

Sound familiar? It should, the U.S.S.R. used to do that. Now we see the same behavior from Western Democracies. Speech crime. Hate thoughts. Guilt by association. The nation that produced George Orwell now sees his grim vision of the future approaching reality.

First, some behavior on the part of athletes is clearly out of bounds. After Swiss footballer Michel Morganella’s team lost to South Korea, he said on Twitter that his opponents could “go burn” and were a “bunch of mongoloids.” That’s hardly sporting behavior, and he was sent home for insulting the dignity of the Korean team. Beyond that, it was just offensive speech.

According to anthropology mongoloids would be the correct classification. But it goes against the "progressive" goals of the tan everyman to notice racial differences.

NBC commentator Bob Costas had just finished a commentary in which he said that “much of America has fallen in love with Gabby Douglas” when a gymnastics-themed commercial appeared promoting NBC’s comedy Animal Practice. It featured a small, grinning monkey doing gymnastic tricks.

Because African Americans have sometimes been compared to simians by people trying to dehumanize them, many viewers complained the ad was racist. 

Apparently the marxists think that "African Americans" are monkeys. The reality is that they are a foreign branch of humanity carrying DNA from an unknown source.

Then there are the cases in the middle. Greek triple-jump champion Voula Papachristou was expelled after she tweeted a tasteless joke.

More like an innocent remark made against a protected class that is being used as a biological weapon against Europe. Tiny Greece must somehow handle a massive invasion from racial and cultural aliens, while struggling to maintain its identity. Pointing out the injustice of this is evil. Wanting your nation to survive is hate. We all know the script.

Unless you're Israel. Then it's all right to deport negroes to protect the "jewish character" of that nation. That's fine. Protecting the Greek character of Greece? Hate.

Evil racist monster.
Then there is the case of Nadja Drygalla, a rower who was pressured to leave the German Olympic team last Friday after a TV station reported that her boyfriend was Michael Fischer, who had been a candidate for the far-right National Democratic party in a regional election last year. Some also claimed Fischer had been involved in disruptive protests against immigrants.

Demonizing the opposition. Guilt by association. Empty accusations. This is the marxist strategy.

If people really want an Olympics free of people who are offensive, they should call for a committee to screen out countries with abominable human-rights records.

No one cares about communist atrocities. It's hate thought from Whites that needs to be controlled.

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People arrested for comments on "twitter." Negroes doing gang dances. Constant fear of committing Face Crime by not showing proper reverence toward the brown people. What was supposed to be about athleticism and striving for physical excellence is just as sick and poisoned as any other aspect of mainstream Western culture. I can only imagine what it will be liked in another four years. If Whites don't do anything to stop the rot it's only going to get worse.


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