Race Erased: "Woman" Opens Fire In Detroit Zoo

While the media focuses on demonizing White Nationalism and gun ownership via an isolated incident involving a Wisconsin scumbag the typical negro behavior marches on. Oddly enough, this story is not front page news, there's no reference to race anywhere, and it sure sounds like a familiar refrain of black dysfunction.

One man is in critical condition after a woman opened fire on a crowd leaving a midnight cruise on the Detroit Princess riverboat today, according to police.

First clue: no reference to the "woman" being White, which would certainly be brought up if it was the case. Next clue: Detroit. Yes, the 90% diverse Midwest Mogadishu.

The altercation apparently began as an argument aboard the boat, Quinn said. Radio One Detroit's station Hot 107.5, which plays hip hop and rap, was hosting the On Deck Sunday Moonlight Cruise.

There's another clue in these sentences, but I'll leave it as a thought exercise for the reader to find it.

"As I was walking out the door, I heard some commotion with some women and gunshots rang out," Gillespie said today, adding that he immediately called a Detroit Police officer who is a friend and happened to be patrolling nearby. "It was real scary because people started running in every direction."

"You have reached the Detroit Police Department. We are currently unable to process your request. Please try again in twenty four hours."

The suspect drove off. A description of her or her car was not immediately available, Quinn said.

Anyone with information can call Detroit Police investigators at 313-596-5240 or CrimeStoppers anonymously at 1-800-SPEAKUP.

No arrest. Just amazing. How we're supposed to identify the shooter with absolutely no description is left to your imagination.

Full Story.

A tale of two shooters, one White, one of unknown race (negro). One is a national news story, a scary reminder of the inherent evil of all Whites. The other is not described, hasn't been arrested, isn't going to be arrested and will quickly be forgotten in the usual steady flood of Detroit criminality. This is the multicultural world we live in. To notice is to be a monster, like that horrible shooter. The other one, I mean. The White one.


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