Race Trumps All...For Non-Whites

The behavior of your average "African American" fails to defy any "stereotypes." You can predict, with alarming accuracy, how any given negro will dress, their musical tastes, their speech patterns, and, of course, how they will vote. Given a choice between personal responsibility and free hand-outs, it isn't even close. Inherent rights and rule of law mean nothing. What the negro wants is "it's free, swipe dat EBT," $300 sweat shop sneakers paid for with a welfare check, free phones, free health care, free everything (it's not really free, of course, Whites are footing the bill). Throw a mulatto into the voting mix and it gets ridiculous.

Looking inside the numbers, Obama continues to lead Romney among key parts of his political base, including African Americans (94 percent to 0 percent), Latinos (by a 2-to-1 margin), voters under 35-years-old (52 percent to 41 percent) and women (51 percent to 41 percent).

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With the White vote splintered and most Whites not even admitting they have racial interests, let alone willing to vote for them, elections are turning into racial head-counts, with negroes and la-teen-ohs predictably supporting marxist, non-White candidates.

If Whites voted their own interests we could elect anyone. We don't. The main reason is the endless smoke and mirrors campaign of "equality" inflicted on us by the media, the Telavivision, Kolleges, etc. This is why we get the "unfair campaign" and endless rhetoric about "progressive justice." The purpose is to confuse and demoralize Whites and it seems to be effective. Note that "young and dumb" individuals who grew up with marxist indoctrination in our schools are more likely to vote for the communist half-caste.

Marxist puppet.

I'm not suggesting that voting Republican is a solution, but it's still better than voting for a communist. Is Willard Romney going to do anything to support or protect White interests? No, of course not. This is why we need White Nationalist candidates, but for that to be viable Whites need to start voting as a group.

Just like every other race.

If 94% of Whites supported a candidate it would be racist, evil and imperialist. When the negro does it, there isn't even a peep. Racism is all right, as long as it's non-Whites doing it. We need to wake up. White interests are legitimate. We don't need to feel guilt for imagined crimes from the past. We need to get organized and stop the rot.


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