Summer of Black Mobs Ends With Back to School Attack

It's an exciting time of year for many young people. It's time to head off to the communist indoctrination center to sit beneath the marxist learning tree, experience the first taste of adult independence and, in some cases, be brutalized by mobs of 22-year-old "teens." The Kollege lessons on cultural marxism will just have to wait as stupid old reality once again got in the way in the form of an undefined mob of dark monsters.

Police are searching today for a group of about 15 young people believed to have punched one passerby and robbed and beaten another in rapid succession on Virginia Commonwealth University's main downtown Richmond campus.

VCU and Richmond police described the assailants as a group of 15 black males between the ages of 17 and 22.

An actual description of the race of the offenders? We are making a difference.

Moments later, the group encountered the second victim, a VCU student, at Shafer and West Franklin streets. The student told police one member of the group made a comment about his boots before he was punched in the back of the head and knocked to the ground.

Sounds like another round of "knockout kings." Explain to me again how living side-by-side with 85 I.Q. genetic aliens is a positive.

“This is not the start of the semester that we were looking for,” Venuti said. “We’re constantly in the process of deploying a lot of resources to this area, in conjunction with the Richmond Police Department, to minimize the victimization of our students.”

We're not going to try to prevent this victimization, of course, just keep it within levels we deem acceptable. Sickening cowardice from a professional liar.

However, senior Briana Russell, a 23-year-old English major from Chantilly, said she wasn’t surprised.

"They are obligated to report crimes and we get them almost every day,” she said. “A lot of my friends have gotten mugged or held up.”

Endless hush crimes committed by negroes and total evasion and denial from those in authority. This is life in the U.S.S.A.

Police are reviewing video footage that shows the suspected attackers and are asking anyone who might know them to call police.

Maybe that negro in the "Stop Snitchin" shirt will come forward. Let's look at the footage.

Please help us find the barely discernible brown blobs responsible.

Based on the footage apparently gathered by a TI-85 calculator and the "don't help po-po" attitude of your average negro we can assume the usual "no arrests made" outcome of this incident. There is no national outrage, no front page coverage, just another racist attack on Whites that will be quickly deposited in the memory hole with countless similar incidents.

When these students that are regularly attacked by savages are sitting in their marxist discussion circle, I mean class, learning about "savage inequalities" and "colonialism" and "the invisible backpack" you have to wonder how much of it they'll accept on faith, especially in light of actual life experience directly contradicting all of it. Certainly, the communist indoctrination centers have their work cut out for them and it's my job to make it even harder. Kollege kids, if you want a real education in "African American Studies" just keep reading this blog.  


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