The Brown Everyman

Negro crime in America has reached a level where the majority of it is simply swept under the rug as efficiently as possible. After all, what is the point of fixating on any given individual data point when you're dealing with a mass of dark dysfunction. Chicago, Detroit and other large cities feature dozens of shootings every week. The same banal tale of low I.Q.s and poor decision-making plays itself out over and over and no one learns any lessons. Often, like the Detroit boat shooting, we get no description of the criminal, or even a race. Not surprisingly, they never get caught.

Sometimes there is a description.

Alexander Segura, 28, was sitting in a vehicle in an apartment parking lot in the 9000 block of Jones Road about 3 a.m. Monday when he was approached by two men wearing hoodies who attempted to rob him at gunpoint, the HCSO says.

A couple of Obama's seemingly endless progency engaging in behavior that is not statistically unusual in any way.

Son of Soetoro.
The suspects took off, Segura took chase, and shots were fired. Segura was taken to Ben Taub Hospital where he died.

Throw this story on the pile with all the others just like it. Then burn them.

This face could match several million American negroes.
That's all for this little tale our dark future. The only good news is this does not have to be our future, but it's up to us. Identical looking and behaving criminal negroes or White Nations? If we don't choose for ourselves the kosher powers that be will and we already know what their choice is going to be. Brown everymen with no mind, no creativity, no intelligence, living in a sewer, ruled over by the select few tribal chiefs and "Light of the World" wire-pullers. We can beat them. White Nationalism is the answer. 


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