Today's Lesson: Negro Pack Attacks

Public schools are a wonderful thing. Here the negro and may-hee-can can get used to the institutionalized environment that many will spend their entire life in. Here Whites can develop the basics of feeling guilty about their very existence, before heading off to advanced studies at a communist indoctrination center or "college" as some people call it. In between lessons about Reverend Dr. Saint Martin Luther King Junior Esquire, the magic negro peanuts, and the wonderful contribution of muslims to America Whites can learn other, more practical lessons. Like being the victim of a racist brown mob.

A fight happened last Friday in the 2700 block of South Glenn. Rian Brown said police are investigating after her sixth grade children - one boy and one girl - and other students  were "jumped" by a group of several students off school grounds.

Notice the language is intentionally misleading. There is, of course, no mention of the race of the offenders. Using advanced deductive methods I was able to make an alarmingly accurate educated guess. Being attacked by a black pack is now considered a "fight." Jumped is in quotes, implying that this is not what actually happened. You'd have to put your head pretty far up your rear to deny this happens, especially in light of the summer of brown mobs that is now winding down.

"They've (police) taken information and took pictures. They did make me well aware they took calls from other incidents in the neighborhood at the same time and around the time (the fight) was going on," Brown said.

I can definitely feel the net closing. It seems very likely the President will denounce this hush crime very soon. Expect many front page headlines. Well, that or a quick deposit in the memory hole.

When Whites are the victims of racist violence it's buried. Even perceived wrongs against "protected classes" of animals that are more equal than others is a "teachable moment" that is repeated over and over.

Full Story.

You have to wonder how many racist attacks take place in public schmuels that don't even receive the minimal coverage of this story. With the Kenyan Queer now advocating "progressive justice" in school punishments the answer is obvious. It would be racist to notice the violent dysfunction of the "African American."

Please notice these hush crimes.

This is just another in the seemingly endless examples of why placing Whites in the same room, or for that matter country, as 85 I.Q. negro savages is a poor idea. We need our own nations. The racist attacks on Whites must stop.


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