92-year-old Defeats Home Invasion

If you're not armed you're just waiting to be a victim. The police won't save you and, if you're White, don't even expect your death to be noticed by the media. This same media along with our government has incited criminals against us. This is why we need to be armed. Whites have been marked for extinction. If we're going to survive, it's up to us.

Consider the story of an old man who successfully defended himself in a situation where countless young, healthy and fit individuals failed to do so. A simple .22 rifle was enough of an equalizer.

One man is dead and two more are behind bars after a World War II veteran took matters into his own hands when a burglar broke into his Verona, Kentucky home. 

Earl Jones, 92, was awakened by a noise early Monday morning and grabbed his .22 caliber rifle.

Thanks to the gun, all is well at my old Kentucky home.

When the intruder came through the door from the basement Jones fired a single shot. He immediately called his neighbor, who then called 911. 

This is the correct use of 911: as a waste disposal service after you've killed the criminals. Don't expect them  to protect you, of course. They don't do that.

Police say the wounded intruder was carried off by two other accomplices. Those accomplices, Ryan Dalton and Donnie Inabnit, put him in their car and took off. They got about a mile when they stopped to call 911. 

Yet another use of those three magic digits: allowing moronic criminal scum to turn themselves in. See, it isn't totally useless.

You do not want to mess with this man.

This is the wisdom of our elders: be armed, be ready and don't hesitate. Whether it's worthless criminal garbage or your own government run amok.

A story that could have ended as another "oh well" memory hole tragedy instead ends well, thanks to the gun. I hope everyone reading this is as well-prepared as Earl Jones was. Even a .22 rifle is enough, in the right hands. Get trained and be ready, interesting days are ahead.


  1. Home invasions are increasing rapidly. These thugs know that there is less of a chance getting caught burglarizing a home then robbing businesses.
    So stay safe, be vigilant, install deadbolts and keep alarm activated. If you don't have an alarm system try the united states security company directory (USSCD) for great affordable home security options.


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