"Husbands" and "Good People" Murdering Each Other in Detroit All Vs. All

With Chicago racing toward complete negro-caused desolation we've been neglecting the first city in the Midwest to be completely annexed by Africa. There was a time when Detroit was nearly all White. Coincidentally this was a time of prosperity and happiness and the city was known as the Paris of the Midwest, not the Mogadishu it now is. Then a two-legged biological weapon was introduced by the communist nation-wreckers. Whites fled, the city died. Today it is a collapsing ruin, a silent testimony to the inherent inequality between the races.

It has been a violent two weeks in Detroit. There have been 32 murders in just 15 days, and that doesn't include non-fatal shootings. 

There are probably safer areas in South Sudan. After sixty years this is the content of their character.

"These are not just people that are dying. These are husbands and fathers and sons and uncles and brothers and good people," said Angela Nelson.

Take a moment to finish laughing and then let's examine this statement. Husbands? Really? Is this woman aware of the "born out of wedlock" statistics for the America negro? Good people is arguably even more laughable. Dangerous animals is a lot more accurate.

Let's rephrase it. "These are not people that are dying. They are baby daddies and gang bangers and drug abusers and 85 I.Q. morons and violent brown monsters." 

Nelson lived through the war in Iraq and even earned a Purple Heart by saving his crew from a roadside bomb, but he couldn't survive the streets of Detroit.

This really speaks volumes about today's U.S.S.A.

"Even if the bullets didn't hit my husband, he was not justified at all. I mean, I don't know who people think they are to take the life of somebody else," Angela Nelson said.
Looks like one of the victims really was the mythical "well-behaved negro." Too bad. I'm sure the other 31 also fit this template. This story is intentionally misleading.

The head of homicide, Lieutenant Dwayne Blackmon, said very few cases are random. Many of the murders are fueled by anger. The new, 12-hour police patrol shifts may help by providing more of a police presence to stop the violence from escalating, but he said nothing will really change until people in Detroit stop solving their problems with gun violence.

Maybe full-blown martial law will help. This paragraph blames "anger" and "guns" for typical negro failure. If only they weren't so upset. I guess it's a step up from blaming pilgrims.

Full Story. 

This amazing Detroit picture from Google Maps really says it all. This is an incredible glimpse of the negro captured in its natural state, but it's also art. Faceless brown shapes, full of menace. No identity, no culture, no brain, nothing to do but suck the taxes and commit crimes. This is the reality of Detroit and many other cities. This is the steady rot brought about by marxism and ill-conceived attempts to mix different races and cultures. Total failure, all vs. all. This is why we need a White homeland, free of the pathology of lower races. 


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