More Negro Cultural Enrichment: Knockout Kings

A hundred years from now, assuming Whites survive as a race, our descendants will look back in amazement that there was actually a time when we considered violent, low I.Q. foreign DNA carrying cultural aliens to be safe to live with. Indeed, there is no logical argument for the inclusion of negroes in White nations. Even the accusation of White racism argues for us having our own lands, where we can't hurt the innocent brown people. Multiculturalism is clearly destined for the same ash-heap as communism and like communism it's only the influence of the kosher elite and endless lies and distortions from the dinosaur media that keep it propped up.

The idea that there is some benefit from "diversity," that is flooding White nations with identical looking and behaving dark outsiders, is clearly the folly of our time. To speak out against it is to commit heresy and the powers that be will be more than happy to ruin anyone brave enough to do so. The madness continues, as does the slow collapse into African chaos. Put your hand over your heart and pledge allegiance to a Kenyan queer.

A St. Louis teen was charged over the weekend in an assault in the Central West End that police said appears to be a "knockout game" attack.

Oh those wacky and soulful "African Americans" and their fun little games! This is clearly just innocent "youths" who will grow up to be brain surgeons, theoretical physicists and rappers blowing off a little steam in a mostly harmless fashion. Boys will be boys, right?

The 30-year-old male victim was walking on the sidewalk in the 4600 block of McPherson Avenue about 10 p.m. Friday when a group of teens approached. Townsend punched the man.

We get a nice sanitized and bloodless description of the negro pack attack. Nothing to see here, Whitey.

Police say Townsend was apparently playing the "knockout game," which involves random, unprovoked attacks on unsuspecting victims, usually by teens. Police did not detail why they think this was a "knockout" attack.

Yeah, usually by "teens." Race erased code words inserted. Let's take a look at the "teen" involved in this appalling attack.

Worthless Brown Criminal.

Big surprise there. Not a single "stereotype" was defied today.

This is the cost of living with genetic outsiders that are a full standard deviation below the average White in intelligence. The endless crime, the endless excuses. Any honest person can see the problem, but actually naming it is forbidden by marxist correctness. So the rot continues. 
The time has come to name the problem. The time has come to solve the problem.


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