More Weekend Shooting Totals From Chicago

Everyone likes a holiday weekend. It means a chance to relax, spend time with family, maybe have a barbecue, that sort of thing. If you're a negro, it also means "opening fire" at said BBQ and winging an eleven-year-old. Or turning up dead in a car, with the crack still in your cold, dead paw. Or...well, here's the story.

A backyard barbecue on Chicago's South Side turned into a crime scene Sunday when police said two men opened fire, hitting four party-goers, including an 11-year-old girl.

As the number of negroes gathered in one place increases the odds of this sort of incident occurring rapidly increase. Corollary: avoid areas where negroes are likely to congregate.

The injuries marked another violent Chicago weekend with two people killed and 24 injured in shootings since Friday night.

"Another" is right. Try just about every weekend since May. This is the completely predictable failure of the American negro.

A block away from the barbecue earlier in the day, a man was found dead in a car parked in an elementary school parking lot. Police said the man had crack cocaine in his hand when he was found murdered.

A drugged-up dead simian at an elementary school. The content of their character.

In response to these shootings and the 55 people killed in August, Mayor Rahm Emanuel insisted on Sunday the city is not in a crisis.

Well, that's a relief. The wise jew, the light of the world, has spoken truth to power, educating the cattle.

Full Story.

This is not just a city in crisis, it's one on the verge of third world collapse, about to be annexed by Africa and Latin America while Whites flee. Soon it will become another Detroit and the long, dark night that never ends will begin.

You can trust me, I'm a jew.


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