Negro Parenting Failure

There are two broadly defined strategies for human breeding. One, favored by Whites and Asians, is to have only a few children but devote a lot of time and effort to their care. The obvious 47% alternative, favored by negroes and may-hee-cans, is to father as many children as possible and largely ignore them afterward, leaving the magic government to somehow raise them. As you might expect, the mortality rate in this second strategy is higher, but with plenty of identical-looking and acting replacements this is not a problem. Well, it's a problem for the White tax payer, but who cares about us, right?

I'd call today's story a typical example of the negro family, but the actual physical presence of the baby-daddy after the point of conception is actually statistically unlikely. The inevitable water-themed "tragedy" is a lot less unusual.
A South Side man is facing child endangerment charges after his 8-month-old son drowned in the bathtub while he allegedly walked away for a cigarette break.

One problem with an I.Q. a full standard deviation below the average for Whites is a lack of future orientation or the ability to see the cause and effect of actions. The negro mind simply flashes "need get mah smoke on" without any concern for possible consequences.

Just a few minutes before she walked into the apartment, in the 6300 block of South Martin Luther King Drive, she saw the children’s father, Willie Strong, 30, sitting in the front room by the computer, Gleason said at Strong’s bond hearing Thursday.

The content of their character.

Strong allegedly told police he put his sons in the bath around 2:30 p.m. and left them alone for roughly 10 minutes so he could smoke a cigarette.

The rap songs that will never be written, the games of knockout kings that will never happen, the possibility of participating in one of the endless Chicago shootings lost. Tragedy.

Full Story. 

Consider this another entry in the "not equal" files. There are massive differences between Whites and negroes. These differences are physical, mental and cultural. This story of child neglect is just one illustration. A quick look around the Chicago neighborhood in question quickly reveals more: the mindless violence, garbage everywhere, tax dependency and on and on. We can't live alongside these genetic aliens. We need our own nations. 


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