Obama's Son Rides the Metro, Rapes Woman

A reliable, safe and efficient mass transit system could solve a number of problems. The traffic and pollution typical of large cities could be significantly reduced. The only reason this doesn't happen is because another problem of the city steps in and ruins everything: diversity. After a steady stream of racially motivated summer Red Line attacks in Chicago the enriching joy of multiculturalism now hits our nation's capital.

D.C. police have released a video of a man they say followed a woman off a Metro train in Northeast Washington last week and sexually assaulted her at gunpoint.

Suddenly that stressful and dangerous daily drive through gridlock looks a lot more appealing. No information on the race of the victim, but based on my study of negro behavior in the wild I'm almost certain it was a White woman.

The attack occurred about 11:15 p.m. on Sept. 6 near the Deanwood Metro station. The video shows the man getting off a train and following the victim through the station’s tunnel.

Thank goodness for all those cameras everywhere! I'm sure we'll have crystal-clear footage of the rape beast. Veteran Modern Heretic readers probably already know where this is going. Get ready for footage recorded with a graphing calculator, featuring an undefined black blob.

The suspect is negro and isn't missing any limbs...that's all we've got.

The man is described as black, in his early to mid-20s, standing about 5 feet 7 inches and weighing 160 pounds. He was last seen wearing a white polo shirt with a dark horizontal strip across the middle, and khaki pants.

I can really feel the net closing. Another horrible negro crime. More damage to an already low standard of living. Chance of actually punishing the simian of interest: just north of zero.

Next time you're in "rush hour" moving 10 mph and laying on the horn, thank the American negro. Oh, and enjoy those Obama gas prices. And the high taxes you have to pay. And constantly hearing stories like this. Forward.


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