Police Helpless After Negro Swarm Attack

We were all hoping that cooler temperatures and the start of gang recruiting season (or "school" as it's sometimes called) would result in a decrease in racially motivated black pack attacks. So far, this has not been the case, as a typical brown mob has run amok yet again. What started as "shoplifting gone wrong" ended in attacks on Whites and authorities both unable and unwilling to punish the "teens" involved.

It seems we're reaching the point where our government and law enforcement services will simply give up on trying to deal with negro pathology. If you're White, you're going to have to protect yourself.

The victim, whose name and identity News 4 is protecting, suffered broken bones above her right eye and a fractured nose after being assaulted by some of these teenaged boys shown in surveillance video from the deli. The boys had been inside before the attack, filling their pockets with items they allegedly didn't pay for.

Yeah, allegedly. After all this could just be more White racism and "stereotyping." We should always assume the best when dealing with 85 I.Q. criminal scum.

She happened to be outside the deli at the time and noticed the young brother of the owner chasing the alleged shoplifters confronting them. Then the mob, including some teenaged girls, turned on her. She was mercilessly beaten by six to ten people.

Again, they were probably innocent of the shoplifting. Another case of jim crow laws in the deep south that is Buffalo, New York.

She said Buffalo Police showed up quickly, but did not make any arrests, even though she could identify at least one of the girls who was still on the street.

I'm surprised they didn't arrest the victim for "racism" or "ethnic intimidation" or some similar marxist concept. I guess they really can't be bothered to do anything about negroes run amok. After all, we have to fix those "biased" crime statistics that prove "systemic racism" and "profiling."

Mayor Byron Brown said, "We don't tolerate this type of crime anywhere, to anyone in the city. The police are following up very aggressively."

Hot air from a professional liar. Nothing's more "aggressive" than being pointed to one of the negro criminals and not making the arrest. For some reason.

Full Story. 

The police, the same ones who couldn't be bothered to do their job, are asking for our help in catching the feral genetic aliens involved in this racist attack. We even have footage! I'll bet that will prove useful!

Or not.
Hopefully that brown smudge will be identified. If that miracle occurs, than all we need is the police to actually make an arrest, something they've already proven very reluctant to do. Meanwhile another appalling story from the undeclared, one-sided race war disappears down the memory hole. 


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