Race Erased in Factory Stabbing

Today's story has a little bit of everything. The propped-up by our tax dollars ruins of American Manufacturing. Detroit. A "love" triangle. An argument for knife control. The deliberate failure to mention the race of the criminal. Sport utility vehicles. Management expressing false concern for...you know what, let's just dive into this mess.
Two people are dead following an apparent love triangle quarrel Thursday's morning at Chrysler's Jefferson North Assembly Plant in Detroit. A Chrysler line worker stabbed his union steward by the loading docks of the plant on Conner Street. Police sources said the line worker stabbed the steward over a possible affair with his wife, who also works at the plant.

The profound ugliness of life in the U.S.S.A. No details released on the homicidal, suicidal maniac. I'm thinking negro, but that's just a "stereotype" and I should probably be re-educated or executed for that.

"Two employees were involved in an altercation inside the plant," Chrysler said in a statement. "One employee was stabbed and unfortunately pronounced dead at the scene."

It's all very tragic. Well, back to buying another mansion with tax-payer money and farting through silk.

Full Story.

Another day in the kwa. Union swine. Media encouraged hypergamy. Knives and guns. Whenever I feel bad about America's coming death I remember stories like this and then begin to look forward to the inevitable collapse. Next time we'll do it right.


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