White Woman "Befriends" Negro Criminal With Predictable Results

It's a typical hollyweird tale: a pretty White woman meets a charming and well-behaved negro and falls in love. Yeah, he's done prison time for child rape, but we know deep down he's innocent and was unfairly "profiled" by a racist system. After some struggles, perhaps with close-minded and bigoted friends and relatives, they live happily ever after in a colorblind paradise.

Then there's reality. Our media, schools and government have been pushing endlessly for White women to give themselves to negroes. The result is murder, mayhem, confused mulatto offspring and the slow and steady genocide of the White race. This is all according to the kosher plan.

A young mother and her two infant children were strangled to death by her ex-con friend, police revealed on Friday, as the friend was charged with their murder. 23-year-old Heather Jackson's body was found brutally slain at her home in Ohio on Saturday, alongside her three-year-old daughter Celina and son, Wayne, aged 18 months. All three died of strangulation, a coroner found, and police are investigating the identity of a murder weapon.

There's the illusion of telavivision and movies and then there's the harsh reality. Whites exterminated by a biological weapon, anther victory for our enemies.

Horribly murdered by a negro savage.

The man allegedly behind the killings, 41-year-old Curtis Clinton, was charged with three counts of aggravated murder, seven months after being released from a 13-year term for assault and involuntary manslaughter.

Why any woman, let alone an pretty White woman, would be attracted to this simian is a mystery that can be solved by turning on the moron box and watching the communist mind-washing that seeps out of it. As usual, Whites pay a heavy price for our kindness, sense of fairness and desire to do the right thing. Our enemies do not share these traits.

Worthless, soulless brown monster.

Concerned friends had asked officers to check on the young mother, having not heard from her all day, and at around 8pm police made the grisly discovery.

These would be those "bigots" I mentioned earlier, that might have even tried to warn her off this "friendship." We all know that negroes are wonderful creatures full of goodness and light, like in a Sandra Bullshit movie. Go on Whitey, invite them into your house! You're not racist, are you?

It is not yet known what his motive was but police say he has a lengthy criminal history including the assault and manslaughter conviction, over the death of 18-year-old Misty Keckler in 1997.

Already facing charges of raping a 13-year-old girl, the registered sex offender is being held on $3million bond.

The fact that this animal wasn't put down a long time ago is a testament to the sickness of our society.

This is the real negro in action, not the imaginary one created by the nation-wreckers. The low I.Q., the violence, the hyper-sexuality, the foreign DNA, the brow ridge and sloping forehead, etc. Until these genetic aliens are removed and we have Whites only countries we have to avoid them as much as possible and be armed and ready when said avoidance is impossible. Ignore this advice at your own peril.


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