Another Knockout Kings Attack

Knockout Kings. Polar Bear Hunting. Kill Whitey. Black Pack Attacks. Your average White person who is still dependent on the controlled dinosaur media for information has no idea what these things are, let alone how epidemic they've become in 2012 Amerika. These stories tend to get minimal, if any, coverage and are quickly sent down the memory hole. When they are covered, the obvious racial aspect is typically ignored and obfuscated. We get "teens" attacking random victims, rather than what is actually taking place: an undeclared one-sided race war.

Pittsburgh police have charged a 15-year-old North Side boy in an attack on a teacher from the Pittsburgh High School for the Creative and Performing Arts.

This might be a new low for weasel language. A physically mature negro male described as a "boy." The obvious corollary is that this should be dismissed as "boys will be boys" and not the appalling racially-motivated act that it was.

The video showed Addlespurger walking by a group of teenagers when one of them abruptly turned and hit him. Addlespurger fell face-first to the concrete and his head struck a curb as the teens walked away.

Watch the video. It's absolutely sickening. He easily could have died. The negroes walk away without a trace of guilt or concern. This is the anti-soul of the negro. This is why we had segregation when our nation was still sane.

Police said the suspect's parents brought him to the Zone 2 police station to be interviewed Tuesday. They said the other people in the video will not be charged.

At best the other "boys" are guilty of depraved indifference, at worst they are accomplices. So, no charges. After all punishing negro criminality is "racist" and prisons are overcrowded and it's the fault of Whitey and Jim Crow and Pilgrims and on and on. Simply amazing. Also, expect at best a slap on the wrist for the animal that threw the punch. The law has no interest in protecting Whites.

We're forced to live next to these soulless monsters.
With no reasonable punishment forthcoming this story will quickly vanish. Another day in the U.S.S.A. This is the content of their character. The ruling criminals that cover it up and lie about are just as guilty as the brown monsters they've unleashed. This madness will only end when we have White nations.


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