Another Kollege Lesson: Negro Mob Robs

Communist Indoctrination Centers, or "colleges," offer many exciting opportunities to directly interface with the miracle of diversity. It could be a professor having a major malfunction. Or being forced to vote for Obama to pass a class. It might even be a negro pack attack or negro riot. Yes, it is definitely worth going into massive debt and becoming an unemployable human derelict for a chance to see such wonders. When the college isn't emptying your pockets, the 85 I.Q. squad is:

For the second weekend in a row, an armed robbery was reported in the Ball State University campus area. BSU officials warned students today that two victims — one a student, the other not — were robbed at gunpoint early Sunday in the area of Locust and Wayne streets.

The slow and steady collapse of The West. After hearing about Evil Whitey all week the weekend is spent being victimized by negro crime.

The suspects were described as five black males in a black sedan, last seen headed south on Locust.

It's a negro mob rob. The victims were very fortunate this didn't end as a "robbery gone wrong." It has reached a point where "African American" crime that doesn't end with dead Whites is almost considered good news.

A week ago, a woman was reportedly robbed by five black males with a handgun just after 4 a.m. in the 1200 block of Abbott Street, near New York Avenue, prompting an earlier warning to students. 

I don't think the warning worked, so I'll offer one of my own to BSU students. Be armed. Avoid black areas. Never let your guard down around blacks. Stop listening to the nonsense spewed by your wet-brain indoctrinators and start living in reality. We're not equal. The American negro is dangerous. Plan accordingly.

Full Story. 

I'll let a Ball State reporter wrap this one up.

In, ah, other crime That looks like trouble. Ah, um. Pack pack of negroes isn't looking good. Points a gun at the White man...and there's the robbery. Um, clues...maybe grainy camera Rule of, um, law eroding. Um. Ah. Death Only, um, only solution White nations.

And boom goes the dynamite. 


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