Big Brother Fails To Stop Black Pack Attacks

A popular idea these days is that constant Londonistan-style surveillance will solve the problem of negro pathology. I mean, look at the great job it's doing controlling jihadans in the United Kaliphate, right? It doesn't work any better here, as regular readers will recall numerous examples of ill-defined brown blobs being captured by security cameras after negro dysfunction and the inevitable "no arrests were made" that follows. Still, the nation wreckers push for more cameras, more Big Brother and the erosion of White rights.

Meanwhile the negro continues to run amok. Common sense solutions, like arming Whites and segregating the non-White decay are shouted down, when they're even suggested. Like an airplane with its engines on fire the United States rushes toward the unforgiving ground below.

An Indianapolis man who was beaten on the Monon Trail on the near north side around noon on Sunday spoke exclusively with Fox59 Tuesday afternoon. He also learned that the surveillance camera on the trail was not operational at the time of the crime.

Another negro pack attack. Apparently the takeaway here is that we need more footage of brown blurs attacking Whites. Someone set up a TI-85 calculator over this trail, stat. That's a much better answer than actually addressing the spectacular failure of the American negro to conform to the modest demands of Western Civilization.

Knapp was released from the hospital Monday night after he was knocked off his bike by three teenage boys.

Yes, it was "teens." Based on this scant information I've prepared a composite of what the wrong doers in question might have looked like if the security camera was working. Get ready to call the police if you can identify this individual.

"The man could have lost his life, and they could have assisted to murder, and then what?" said the security guard, who did not want to be identified.

"And then what," indeed. Well, it would have vanished down the memory hole, no one would have learned anything and the steadily decline of the U.S.S.A. would continue. 

It was a brutal beating that was not caught on camera even though a camera was close by.

"They'll turn black, or they won't move the way we want them to, or focus in," said Gary Coons, City of Indianapolis Chief of Homeland Security.

I think they were already black, Mr. Coons. I guess he's referring to the "recorded with a potato" phenomena that creates useless footage of appalling crimes. Nice to see the always feckless "Homeland Security" admit that they're basically useless for anything practical and exist only to strip away the rights of normal White Americans. More cameras, more 1984, more strip searches for White grandmas, more police checkpoints and house-to-house searches. This will somehow make the negro behave itself.

Coons said the surveillance cameras that were installed along the trail a few years back are not always operational. In fact, he said two of the four cameras are currently down. 

For a government job and the massive ineptitude that implies, 50% isn't bad. I would have guessed that none of them were still working. Your tax dollars at work. The Black Pack Attacks continue.

"The detective said if he gets a shot there, they can get a lot of information out of that, so, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense, does it?"

Lots of information like "it was identical looking negroes" and "none of them seemed to be missing any limbs." Very useful.

Full Story. 

Giving up our rights is not going to make us safer. A camera on every corner, half of which aren't actually working at any given moment, won't improve our lives or prevent negro wilding. The solution is White nations. Until that day we must be armed, vigilant and avoid negro and la-teen-oh areas. "The camera determined the attackers were negroes with two arms and two legs" is not much comfort when you're lying in a hospital bed or a grave. The government doesn't care about White victims. We have to protect ourselves.


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