Driving While Black

The "African Americans" are never, ever, responsible for their inevitable failure. It's always the legacy of slavery, or White racism, or savage inequalities caused by capitalism, free enterprise and freedom of association. Simple activities like driving a car become ideological minefields when the negro is involved. When they're pulled over, it's racism. When they plow into a pack of White joggers in a stolen car for no logical reason whatsoever...well, that's probably racism, too. Anti-White racism, that is.

Cape Girardeau police say it was no accident: An Arkansas man purposefully steered a stolen car into a group of joggers Sunday morning, leaving three of them with moderate injuries -- bumps and bruises, one said -- including the provost of Southeast Missouri State University. 

Swipple Whites, including a Communist Indoctrination Center provost, victimized by animals. Will anyone learn a lesson from this, or is it just proof that more tax dollars need to be poured down the black hole.

Police declined to disclose what might have motivated two Arkansas men charged in the crime, Vincent T. Anderson of Little Rock and his alleged accomplice, Marcus E. Jones of Cotton Plant. But the men were in custody shortly after the car struck three of the six runners, including university provost Ron Rosati. 

I'm sure the motivation could be summarized as "hey, let's kill Whitey" but that's not the sort of truth that the police discuss openly with the media.

Here are the criminal simians.

An I.Q. in the low eighties. Brow ridges. Muzzles. Wide, flat noses. Sloping foreheads. Foreign DNA not shared by any other race. We allow these monsters to walk among us and prey upon us with their violent idiocy. Western Civilization can't survive large numbers of these outsiders.

The men were charged later in the day, said Sgt. Brad Smith of the Cape Girardeau Police Department. Anderson, 19, faces five felony counts, including three for first-degree assault along with tampering with a motor vehicle and resisting arrest.

Police say that Jones, 27, was the passenger in the 1994 Ford Thunderbird that had been reported stolen shortly before 7 a.m., about 10 minutes before the victims phoned 911. Jones has been handed counts of second-degree vehicle tampering and resisting arrest, both misdemeanors. Jones was held on a $15,000 cash-only bond. 

Time for a quick trip to the "crib," three hots and a cot on our coin, and then released to commit more crimes against Whites.

Rosati, who was hired as Southeast provost in 2009, in an interview with the Southeast Missourian, was mystified as to why someone would so blatantly try to hurt them. "I can't understand why someone would do that," Rosati said. "It was just random. It doesn't make any sense to me. But it wasn't an accident. It was some crazy guy just acting crazy." 

Yeah, just some random crazy "guy." Must have been "random." Try again, comrade. More like a failed branch of humanity violently expressing their virulent anti-White racism. Teach that in your kollege.

Full Story.

So ends another story of negro dysfunction and delusional Whites ignored the most obvious evidence. Until we address both of these problems the slow slide into African savagery will continue. There's nothing "random" about the endless, undeclared one-sided race war that this blog has documented. It's deliberate genocide aimed at Whites. We aren't going to go quietly, not anymore.


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