Enter Detroit At Your Own Risk

In many ways baseball is an anachronism, a call-back to a simpler time that no longer exists. A time when America was White and sane. That time is over, but like a vestigial cultural organ baseball remains, itself transformed by the decline and fall into a steroid-fueled mess populated by sullen and lazy negroes and la-teen-ohs. The once great cities that supported teams have followed the same path and the intersection of these downward trajectories occurred yesterday when "Stuff White People Like" fans hoping to catch a glimpse of their tar-colored heroes were warned about Detroit: Enter at your own risk. It was like hanging giant "Beware of Negro" and "Now Entering Third World" signs throughout the city. If you're going to venture into Africa to watch bloated negroes play a child's game, be ready to duck and run.

As they poured into Comerica Park, fans were given the fliers reading: “Attention: Enter Detroit at Your Own Risk.”  It warned that Detroit is America’s most violent city and that the city’s police force is grossly understaffed.

This honest language must have been jarring for the liberal White that lives at a safe distance from the brown rot, drives an S.U.V. and votes for Obama. The sad thing is the flier doesn't even go far enough. A more honest version is presented for your education and entertainment.

Attention: You are now in Africa. The negroes you will encounter are not friendly and well-mannered like the ones you see on your eighty-six inch talmudvision. They commit between seven and ten times more violent crime than Whites according to DoJ statistics. It's likely that even these shocking statistics underestimate negro criminality. If you have any sense you'll leave immediately. If you must enter, be armed and ready to use deadly force in self-defense. The police will not help you.

Enjoy the game. Sincerely, the last White Man in Detroit.

Negro super athlete.
"We're not discouraging people from coming, I love the city, I want them to realize we don't have enough man hours," police union president Joe Duncan told the station. "I don't think the city is going to get same officer 8 hours a day as you do for 12 hours a day."

Barring martial law or a giant net thrown over the entire city there's not much to be done about the pathology of the American negro. It's a great city though, it really is. 

As more American cities are annexed by Africa and Latin America it's going to get harder and harder to ignore the necrosis spreading through the body of our nation. We already know and don't need little fliers. Avoid the "minority" areas, be armed, and be careful. Also, work to restore White nations.

Detroit, R.I.P.


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