Knockout King Rides the Bus

Buses are one of the major themes in the history of the American negro, along with slavery, jazz music and the magical peanut. Once upon a time, when this country was White and sane, there was segregation. It was mutually beneficial for both races. Then the cultural marxists arrived, wearing tiny caps on the back of their heads. From bus boycotts and marches for "rights" to complete cultural meltdown in about sixty years. I wonder if even the communists themselves expected to win so decisively.

Now mass transit, which could solve a number of problems from the depletion of natural resources to quality of life, is a no go zone for Whites. Far better to gas-break-honk for over an hour to get back to that distant suburb than to risk being attacked by some brown beast. We can have a world that works or we can have diversity.

Kansas City police are seeking the public’s help to identify a man who punched a city bus driver in the face Monday after the driver ordered him and his friends off the bus. The assailant and his friends did not pay their fares, police said.

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Take a ride with the 47%. Gimmedat followed by mindless violence. Rosa Parks would be proud.

“It seems as if he doesn’t know where he is,” Sola said. “It’s really heartbreaking to watch.” 

It seems our country doesn't know where it is. The death of the West is really heartbreaking to watch.

Scenes from a dying nation.

The assault occurred about 9 p.m. at 39th Street and Indiana Avenue. Sola said the attacker and his friends boarded the bus, one by one, with each passenger saying the next person would “pick up” the fare. But the final passenger didn’t have enough cash for everyone. That’s when the driver told them to exit the bus.

We all know who will really pick up the fare. Whites pay in taxes and sometimes in blood.

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A nation half slave (tax payers) and half free (47% leeches) can not endure. Today's story is just another in the endless examples of the negro's failure to adapt to the expectations of a White nation. They're not equal. They're not like us. They belong in their own countries. We need White nations.

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