Knockout Kings in Britainistan

Great Britainistan has its share of problems. From the mosques and jihadans, to cameras on every corner collecting blurry, useless footage of negro and paki criminality to knife control our friend across the pond is often ahead of Amerika in the race to become part of the third world. One exception to this rule is "Knockout Kings" a negro activity that is fast becoming the national pastime in the U.S.S.A. It involves brown people attacking Whites for no reason other than the massive anti-White racism found in your typical negro or la-teen-oh. Most Whites in America aren't even aware that this sort of thing is becoming commonplace, thanks to tireless efforts from the dinosaur media to obfuscate and bury these stories.

Now this particular bit of negro dysfunction has arrived in England.

Shocking video of a pensioner being karate-kicked to the floor by a young thug in a Smurfs t-shirt has been released by police. CCTV footage showed a second man then jumping on the pensioner’s chest in the attack in Wolverhampton bus station.

Elderly Whites assaulted by genetic aliens. The nation-wreckers will not be happy until this is occurring in all White nations.

'He is kicked to the floor and, whilst prone on the ground, another man jumps in the air and stamps on his chest. 'Both attackers run off leaving the victim unconscious on the floor before other members of the public come to his aid and call for an ambulance.

In Britainistan it's illegal to be armed or to defend yourself in any way. The closest thing to "aid" available is calling an ambulance to take away what remains.

'It’s a sickening, cowardly attack and I’d urge anyone who believes they recognise the men, or has any information about the assault, to contact us.'

Luckily this is the land of George Orwell so there's cameras everywhere. Let's see the crystal-clear footage that will clearly identify the simian responsible.

85 I.Q. Brown Monster.

Yeah, excellent footage. 

It's open season on Whites, especially elderly and physically vulnerable Whites. The police won't save you. The worthless camera footage won't lead to any arrests. The dinosaur media sends these stories down the memory hole so we have more time to talk about "African American Firsts" and "Gay Marriage." Every day the negro sees this weakness and becomes more violent. Until we restore our own nations we need to be armed and vigilant. We also must begin protecting the vulnerable segments of our race. Cowardice has been the strategy for over half a century and it has failed spectacularly. The time has come to stand up.


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