Negro Muslim Shoots Whites, Is Bleached By Media

A negro immigrant muslim. Unarmed, female White victims. Feckless police playing "soldier boy" dress-up. Pictures of the perp that are significantly whitened. A quick trip down the memory hole. This is life in 2012 Amerikwa. This is the madness and profound ugliness that has been forced upon us by a generation of cowards. This is the multi-cult.

A gunman opened fire inside a day spa in this Milwaukee suburb on Sunday morning, killing three women, forcing others — some bloodied and still in bathrobes — to flee into nearby streets, and sending the authorities on a tense hunt that was slowed by fears of explosives and ended hours later with the discovery of the gunman’s body. 

Yet another negro meltdown. Meanwhile the authorities imagine non-existent bombs and generally walk around looking tough and scary after the worst is long over. You need to be armed, these G.I. Joe dress-up cops aren't going to save you. This negro could have easily escaped.

Yay, we get to play with our fancy toys.

The gunman, whom the police identified as Radcliffe F. Haughton, 45, a resident of Brown Deer, also died inside the spa, apparently of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, the police said. The shootings appeared to stem from a domestic dispute, painfully documented in weeks of police reports and court orders, between Mr. Haughton and his estranged wife, who witnesses said was employed at the salon. 

The mind of the negro. The content of the character. All that remains is to cover up his muslim/immigrant status as much as possible and bleach his pictures so he looks whiter. Get on it, dinosaur media!

Media applied Afro-sheen.
The dark reality.

Residents largely view the Milwaukee suburbs as safe and relatively removed from the worries of urban life. “This doesn’t happen in Brookfield,” said Christine Carpenter, 24, who works at a drugstore not far from the spa and on Sunday evening was still trying to grasp what had happened. “You think good neighborhood, good schools — this stuff doesn’t happen to us.” 

If 2012 White Americans have a common belief, this is it. "We're a safe distance from the negro, so it's not a problem if our government and media keeps inciting them to violence. We're in cowardly retreat to vanishing White enclaves that we think will last...even though the nation-wreckers in power have plainly stated that no part of Amerikwa can be allowed to stay White. 

Wake up, White America.  

The rot is now everywhere. We need to be armed and ready. No one will save you but yourself.


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