Nigerians Perform Lynching in Africa All Vs. All

Whites are bad. This is the first principle that the cultural marxist house of cards is built upon. Then it's mortared together with every possible lie, whether phony hate crimes, bogus soft-science studies or horror stories of "lynch law" during the time of "Jim Crowe." We're told about the countless pure and innocent dark people murdered by Whites. Meanwhile, back in reality, this sort of thing still goes on. The only catch is, it's still going on in non-White nations.Yes, back in The Mother, in between flying and pyramid building the hominids that live there are stringing each other up.

A Nigerian university has been closed because of violent protests about the lynching of four students accused of stealing laptops and mobile phones. A horrific video of the killings near Nigeria's oil capital was posted on the YouTube video-sharing website. Students say the four were mistaken for thieves in the village of Aluu.

Four lynched at the communist indoctrination center. Kind of puts that Michigan State professor's malfunction into some perspective. As fast as Amerika is collapsing, the brown third world still has a healthy lead. It could be ten, even twenty years before stories like this are common in the U.S.S.A.

The video, which was posted to YouTube over the weekend, shows four men stripped naked, with tyres around their necks, being beaten by a mob with wooden sticks, before being set on fire.

Just another day in the Africa All Vs. All. Coming soon to all White areas in America.

The rule of law in the heart of darkness.

Correspondents say anti-riot police and soldiers have been deployed to the campus, which the authorities say will remain shut until normality returns.

In a land where people are dismembered for witchcraft, people are hacked to pieces for differing religious beliefs and female genital mutilation is practiced it's a bit of a stretch to say "normality" of any kind exists, ever.

Suffice it to say, this incident of Sun People malfunction is the rule rather than the exception:

This is just a small sample of one particular form of chaos that occurs when negroes are left to their own devices. Black magic. Stolen genitals. Savagery and superstition.

Whites didn't invent slavery, we just abolished it. The same goes for lynch law. Western Civilization, that is White Civilization, is the bulwark between order and a bloody return to a state of nature. It can't survive the burden of millions of dark outsiders who have no conception of the rule of law. This is why we need to have our own White nations. The horrors of Africa should warn us away from the path we're on, rather than act as a preview of things to come.


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