Obama's Sons Form Gang, Open Fire on Crowd

When the Kenyan marxist queer was elected it didn't take long for the big promises and rainbows up the rear end to disappear, replaced with the reality of a bumbling half-negro. He bowed to Muslims. He played the role of tribal chief, pandering to the 47 percent rather than uniting the nation. He speculated that a criminal negro might be his son. Meanwhile the nation continued to slide toward collapse, with negroes now waging open warfare against Whites as the undeclared one-sided race war continues to heat up while our media and government do their best to ignore it.

Not much of a legacy for four years. Now he has some more "sons."

A St. Louis teen who authorities say is a member of a gang called the "Obama Boyz" has been charged with two shootings on Saturday.

More crime from a "teen." Probably a White kid, right? Or maybe an Aleutian Islander. Is anyone still fooled by these dinosaur media euphemisms?

This orc is Obama's son.

Anthony Jamal Lee, 18, fired at a group of people from the window of a Grand Prix at 2:17 p.m., according to charges. A 13-year-old boy was struck in the side of his body and had to be hospitalized; a 17-year-old boy was grazed by bullets on his face and arm.

Looks like they're going to need some Obama Care. Negroes randomly firing into a crowd in broad daylight for no apparent reason. Welcome to the U.S.S.A.

Lee, who was charged Friday in St. Louis Circuit Court, faces a mix of 10 felony counts of first-degree assault, armed criminal action and firing shots from a vehicle. Judge Theresa Burke set $100,000 cash bail.

Hopefully the U.N. will demand we let felons vote so that he can still support his hero while he's in the "crib" for all these assorted crimes. 

Authorities said Lee is a documented member of the "Obama Boyz" gang, but did not elaborate.

Maybe this is the start of an exciting new trend in brown malfunction. Next we could have negro gangs with names like the "47 Percent Solution" or "Biden's Bad Boyz" or "The United Nations." The possibilities are endless. Forward.

Race is real and it matters. There are deep and fundamental differences between the Obama Boyz and Whites. Forcing us together is criminal madness. The time has come to let the children of Obama go their own way, into the hope and change of places like Sudan.


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