The Obama Girlz: "Teens" Attack Mentally Disabled Victim

Another day, another black pack attack. Yup, the "teens" are at it again, this time a pack of feral negro females attacked a mentally challenged woman for no discernible reason. This brown brain-trust than posted video of their crime on a social media site, leading to their arrest and a likely trip to the "crib," assuming the judge doesn't just laugh it off as "girls will be girls." The violence, the stupidity, the preying on the weak and defenseless, this is the typical m.o. of the genetic and cultural aliens that walk among us.

Authorities in Chester say all six suspects have been arrested in connection with the videotaped beating of a mentally challenged woman. The suspects have been identified as Takia Edwards, Anye Dennis, Rahmirayah Henderson, Jasmir Womack and sisters Jamia Davis and Jonyea Bell.

Savage simians, devoid of humanity.

It was an attack “for fun,” according to police. Authorities say a group of girls, ages 16 and 17, punched and kicked the 48-year-old mentally challenged woman as she was sitting in front of her home.

The character of the negro. Mindless destruction. No White country can survive a plurality of these monsters. We're told they're just like us. They beat a retarded woman for fun. There's no place for this in White nations.

During the attack, the teens could be heard laughing and screaming obscenities while the victim screamed for them to stop.

The negro anti-soul.

Unless you're looking at this through iron sights it's bad news.

Police say the incident happened earlier this week and was recorded on one of the suspects’ cell phones, then posted on Facebook.

Recording and posting a crime spree on the internet. The narcissism and lack of future orientation at least makes them easy to catch. 

Dr. Sara Corse from the Council for Relationships say the girls may have acted the way they did due to low self-esteem.

Yeah, really. The only thing low here is the I.Q. scores, Doctor. Looks like it's racist Whitey's fault again, at least according to the educated idiot. 

In a few weeks time we'll participate in the sham of democracy. Sullen, dark creatures will shuffle to the polls for a chance to vote for someone who carries their DNA, including an alien strain not found in any White or Asian. White mush-heads will consider the "issues" before casting a meaningless, fraud negated vote, like dropping a stone down a well. The rot will continue. The attacks will continue. The collapse draws closer.


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  2. Lol, your an idiot, for every one of these stories of bkacks gon wild. . . I can find fifty of the same for whites! Historically whites have shown that the only constant in your race is violence, rape, and incest! Which of these qualities do you possess? All perhaps?

    1. Thank you for educating me, I feel I've learned a lot today. I decided to shut down this blog and start a new one detailing all the White pack attacks on black victims, all the White on Black rapes and all the cities ruined by Whites (Oshkosh to go bankrupt, the Boulder City rot, etc). There was just one problem. These events never happen. Ever. I'd make about one post a year, and it would later turn out to be a hoax (Duke rape).

      If gangs of White "teens" were regularly attacking retarded victims out of "boredom" we would hear it from the Talmudvision. The nation wreckers want these sort of stories, to prove "we all be equalz." They want them so badly they'll manufacture them from whole cloth (Zimmerman).

      Historically Whites have built civilization. The very computer you used to spew your racist, moronic drivel is a White invention. You live an easy, pampered life because of White sacrifices. You should be very grateful.


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