Threat of Negro Riots if Kenyan Queer Loses

The entitlement, refusal to take personal responsibility and general pathology of the American negro is approaching a critical mass where we can expect open rioting by the 47% if empty chair Soetoro fails in his bid to be re-elected. Perhaps the hope is that the more cowardly and self-hating Whites will vote for the half-caste in hopes of preventing the dark people from soiling their own nest and attacking any White unlucky enough to be caught near the African-style all vs. all. Based on the cowardice and misplaced guilt of your typical White American, it's probably a strategy not without some merit.

Despite the issue receiving national media attention, Obama supporters continue to threaten to riot if Mitt Romney wins the presidential election, raising the prospect of civil unrest if Obama fails to secure a second term.

No, this isn't a story from South Sudan or the Nigerian witchcraft belt. It's happening in the U.S.S.A. Democracy depends on an educated and civilized electorate. Remove that and what remains is half the population (or 47%, to be most accurate) voting to kill the other half. When we lost our Republic all that remained is the inherent instability of Democracy and we're going to pay a heavy price for that.

Checking Twitter feeds this morning, we discovered that threats to riot on behalf of Obama supporters are still flooding in, with the users seemingly unaware of the fact that the media has now picked up on the buzz.

Let's actually hear the voice of the wretched refuse, the proletarian, the 47%. Prepare to have any remaining faith in the idea of "We the People" destroyed by 85 I.Q. nonsense.

“If obama dont get re-elected & romney wins .. on life every white persons getting pistol whipped and im startin a riot.” 

This is the mind of the typical American negro male. The violence, the idiocy, the racism aimed at Whites. There is nothing special or unusual about this negro. There are millions of them, let loose in the West, slowly transforming this nation into Detroit.

“You know you ain’t shit if you gotta “MAKE” Mafukas vote for ROMNEY ! …. Mannnn OBAMA better get back in office . Or BLACK FOLKS will riot.”

This is what Democracy looks like.

American Democracy, 2012 Version.

“If Mitt Romney wins the election I think its our duties as Black folks to riot and fuck shit up.” 

The content of their character.

“I Heard Mitt Romney , Tryna Take Away Food Stamps , If He Do .”IMA START A RIOT , IMA START A RIOT.”

I am the 47%.

Violent, moronic monsters. Votes purchased with food stamps. Anti-White racism. The total collapse draws closer. This might be the last election where a White male has any chance of winning. Soon it will become a racial headcount, a game of "gimme dat" where the winner is the biggest appeaser of the dark dysfunction. Then the collapse will follow. 


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