Two Legged Locusts Captured On Video

The growth of the internet and streaming video sites has put the final nail in the coffin of the idea that negro pathology is just a cruel "stereotype" invented by Whites, with no basis in reality. Now we have endless raw footage of the content of their characters. The dinosaur media can no longer lie to us. The cultural marxist can no longer wish away reality. The dark ugliness has been completely documented. The wisdom of segregation and removal of the lower races confirmed. Anyone still arguing for equality is either a fool, completely delusional or evil.

Consider this video. An experiment, if you will. An unlocked car full of valuables is placed in a negro area. Let's see how the subjects respond to this new stimulus. Please record your observations and be ready to confirm or reject the hypothesis that all races are equal.

The pathology of the American negro. If you honestly think the biological plague in that video can somehow be alchemized into good citizens you're out of your mind. These are little more than feral animals. Sometimes it's a car they destroy. Other times, innocent White victims. They need to be removed from White society. The nation-wreckers that forced these animals on us need to be punished.

We're not equal.


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