Witch Doctor Called Upon to Defend Negro Rapist/Murderer

The nation-wreckers have decided it is desirable to flood White nations with dark sewage direct from Africa. These bipeds bring all the typical African savagery with them. Instead of us pulling them into the light of civilization by taking up the White Man's Burden, they pull us down to their animal level. An African savage direct from the heart of darkness rapes and murders a white woman. A witch doctor is called upon to prove his innocence. In 2012. In the U.S.S.A.

Bakary Camara, of Senegal, who goes on trial tomorrow in the horrific rape and murder of a beautiful CUNY student in Manhattan, plans to call the “witch doctor” as an expert defense witness so he can blame the murder on an African “curse,” The Post has learned. 

The miracles of diversity. There's a curse on Africa, that's for sure. It takes the form of brown, brow-ridged, muzzled, foreign DNA carriers that seem unable to achieve even the most rudimentary form of civilization. Then these monsters are used as a biological weapon against White nations.  

“The people respectfully request the court to preclude the defense from calling a ‘witch doctor’ at trial,” lead prosecutor Evan Krutoy wrote to the trial judge, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan, last week.

This is the level of jurisprudence in today's Amerikwa. Certainly the stance of the defense is bigoted and intolerant. We must be open to multi-culturalism. Any culture is as good as any other (except for White ones). These are Sun People from The Mother, so rich in diversity and spirituality. To oppose Witch Doctors in a court of law is almost as racist as being against vote fraud. It's because of your evil White racism that the negro can't fly anymore.

“It is difficult to imagine how a ‘witch doctor’ could be qualified in a court of law,” he complained. 

Compared to the activist marxist judges we end up with his qualifications seem less suspect.  

African monster raped and murdered a White woman, blames Witchcraft.

“It’s nonsense and ridiculous. We are in the United States and not in a third-world country,” her cousin, Giorgio Morelli, told The Post.

Yeah, we're still the United States, not some African hell-hole. Except in Detroit. And Chicago. And Washington D.C. And Camden. And East St. Louis. And Philadelphia. And Milwaukee. And Atlanta. And...

“They make me seck[cq]” wrote Camara, who was raised in Senegal but born in the U.S. “They make you do anythings. Could make you die fast or go to jail... you always be mad and sad. This is a curs,” he wrote.

60 I.Q. average. Superstition and ignorance. The terminal "seck" of America. Coming soon to a White area near you, by order of the ruling criminals. 

Take a long, hard look at Africa, White man. The witchcraft. The lynchings. The genital theft. The All vs. All. This is our future if we continue on the road we're currently on. We need to remove ourselves from the dark dysfunction and rebuild as a White nation. We need to get rid of our own Witch Doctors: The president, the congress, the CIA, the fed, etc. No more of this nonsense.


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