Woman Abandons Family For Communism, Is Rewarded By Court

One of the main goals of the cultural marxists is the destruction of the family. After all, the government is your real family in a communist state and must not be challenged. Let the village raise the child, or something. This is why we have feminism, no-fault divorce, the sodomite agenda, public schools and countless other state-created attacks on normal human behavior. The system is anti-male and anti-family to the point where a court will reward even the most dysfunctional behavior from women, such as running off to be a communist bum.

The mother-of-four who made headlines last year leaving her children to go join Occupy Wall Street is divorcing her husband and cashing in on his banking-earned riches in the process. Stacey Hessler cites protesting as her profession and famously devoted herself to the Occupy movement, demonstrating against the very banks behind her recently increased cash-flow. She walks away from former banker Curtiss Hessler with a total of $85,385 from his stock-filled retirement fund and bank account.

We can only assume that this money will be held in common by her communist friends and used to bring about a people's utopia. The 30 Tons of Garbage Movement will surely triumph.

Twisting her hair into long dreadlocks and wearing hippy-style t-shits with logos like 'Make Love, Not War', the 39-year-old traveled to New York, leaving her children behind. 'Military people leave their families all the time, so why should I feel bad?' she told the Post, responding to criticism of her mothering techniques. 'I’m fighting for a better world.'

A better world of filth, violence, rape, more filth, rats, poverty, kommissars, additional extra filth on top of all the other filth, etc. The mind of your typical communist.

Obama can't tell the difference between the tea party and this.
Another family destroyed by the madness of the U.S.S.A. As our country circles the drain adults abandon their families for communist make-believe games. We need political change, but a George Soros funded false opposition is not the answer. Kicking over a garbage can, not washing and abandoning your children is not going to solve anything. Communism has been tried and it failed spectacularly. The answer is White Nationalism.


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