Chicago Rot: 400 Murders This Year and Counting

Let's have a moment to reflect on this milestone. Despite advances in medical technology and the tendency to aim guns sideways destroying any accuracy, the Chicago negroes and may-hee-cans have now killed 400 in less than a full year. Experts blamed it on White police officers and pilgrims. Some of the more memorable weekends of third world all vs. all can be found here, here, here and here. This is the content of the character. This is why we need our own countries free from the dark undertow. If we fail, this endless nightmare of low I.Q. violence is our future. Rahm's plantation, the city of the Kenyan queer, the ruin that awaits if we stay on the current course.

Violence over the weekend resulted in Chicago's 400th homicide this year -- that's up 25 percent from the same time last year.

The pilgrims have a lot to answer for. Cancel Thanksgiving so this never happens again!

On Sunday, Jose Escobar, 25, was shot and killed after a fight near a fast food stand at 35th and Morgan in Chicago's Bridgeport neighborhood. His friend was left paralyzed. Escobar's family says he was a gang member, but was trying to change his life.  

I'm sure he was also here for a better life and doing the jobs American's won't and a natural conservative and the future of this country and all the rest. Luckily this dead meskin has already been replaced by the endless invading hordes oozing across our southern border. Yes, he was a good little conservative, except for that whole "gang" thing, turning his life around. Probably a future brain surgeon or engineer or taco bender.

Illegal May-hee-cans rally in Chicago for Amnesty. Lots of little Romney voters in this crowd.

“This is giving us a black eye across the nation. We've reached the 400 homicide mark and we're on pace to hit 500 homicides for the first time in several years. The mayor can only do so much.  Police can only do so much. We all have to play a role,” said Hardiman.

Faced with the sub-normal intelligence and the genetic predisposition toward "moy macho" violent stupidity throwing a giant net over the whole city would only do "so much." Genetic determinism laughs at these liberal efforts, while any White with sense and means flees.

“Many are wearing red. It’s symbolic of the bloodshed and the blood of Jesus that covers us all,” said Bishop Larry Trotter. “We want to pray on every corner that crime will cease.”

Well, at least there wasn't any negro violence. That's something positive.

They were prompted by recent shootings, including the murder of  Dejuan Jackson, 17, in the Oakwood neighborhood. A 14-year old boy is charged as an adult in that case.


An entire America city with a population in the millions annexed by Africa and Latin America. Endless brown dysfunction, completely predictable and not at all outside ordinary expectations for negroes and la-teen-ohs. We can keep our heads up our rear and cluck about the unfortunate legacy of Jim Crow and the Alamo, or we can start removing these elements. The rot must end before everything is consumed. 


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