Chicago Teachers Union Sponsors Communist Fair

Last time we discussed the swine in the Chicago Teacher's Union they were abandoning their brown charges to demand even more pay and benefits. With their greed satiated by the full surrender of jewish plantation master Rahm Emanuel it's back to teaching the dark future of Chicago the important things. Like Communism.

According to the US Department of Education, 79 percent of eighth graders at Chicago's public schools are not proficient at their grade-level in reading and 80 percent of them aren't proficient in math at their grade-level.

The non-Whites can't read. They can't add or subtract (no problem multiplying, though). They are the permanent underclass and it's vital that their education suit that "profession." Thus, the need for lessons in "gibs me dat" and "dat races" and "kill whitey."

But the Occupy-endorsing Chicago Teachers Union is made up of members who are well-versed in left-wing radicalism. And for those teachers who aren't--they have an opportunity to improve their skills on Saturday at the Teaching for Social Justice Curriculum Fair.

"Social Justice" is, of course, code-word for communism and the destruction of normal White America. The 47%. Open hands the color of a bowel movement demanding we pay...and pay...and pay. This is the terminal sickness of America. There will be no recovery, only collapse and balkanization.

What does it mean? Participatory and Critical = Lots of hooting and hollering non-Whites. Pro-Justice = Anti-White. Anti-Racist = Anti-White. Multi-Cultural = Destruction of White America via demographics. What about that fist? Looks vaguely familiar...

"Vote Communist."

The effort to alchemize the negro and may-hee-can into good little Whites through education has been abandoned as the failure it always was. What remains is communism, raising a generation that will support tyranny in exchange for a free phone or discount "Michael Jordan" shoes. A generation blaming Whites, the same Whites that are the only reason this underclass continues to exist. Remove the protective hand of the White taxpayer and all this nonsense ends, replaced by the African all vs. all. Dark ugliness, forever.
The two-legged turd leading the union swine.


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