Kenyan Queer Meets With "Gibs Me Dat" Groups to Save Economy

We're facing imminent financial meltdown in what used to be the most prosperous nation on earth. No one in the mainstream seems to have any answers, while sensible ideas like ending the fed, ending the welfare state, cutting off foreign aid to our enemies, no more high risk loans, no more illegal immigration, etc, etc, are ignored and ridiculed as "extreme." Meanwhile our President is meeting with various professional victim groups who are mostly interested in looting America and their own myopic and selfish needs. United by nothing other than hatred for normal White America this rogues gallery will surely save us from the "financial cliff."

President Obama and Vice President Biden met with leaders of civil rights and civic organizations to discuss negotiations over how to avoid the fiscal cliff. The meeting lasted over an hour, and participants spoke to reporters outside the West Wing after they wrapped up.

Various scum, open hand extended. Who better to save our economy? Anyway, who are some of these "civil rights" leaders?

Sister Simone Campbell, NETWORK

This is a catholic "social justice" and "liberation theology" communist front. They also promote "economic justice" i.e. "gibs me dat" and redistribution of the wealth. They brag about their association with Ted Kennedy, which really says it all.

Chad Griffin, Human Rights Campaign (HRC)

Far left group that advocates special rights for sodomites and people who mutilate their own genitals because of mental illness. Brag about having the support of some actress I've never heard of who appears on a show called "Cougar Town." Yes, turning off the electronic toilet and keeping it off was a wise decision.

Deepa Iyer National Council of Asian Pacific Americans

As America balkanizes every racial group (except Whites, of course) must have a special marxist bully group to push their own interests at the expense of the common good.

Ben Jealous, NAACP

We all know that one. What most people don't know is this group was not founded by negroes but by communist jews in hopes of using the negro as a blunt instrument against the existing system. I'd say they were successful beyond their wildest dreams.

Also,  "Jealous." Is there a more appropriate surname for the leader of a victim group?

Janet Murguia, National Council of La Raza 

May-hee-can communist front that encourages illegal immigration, non-assimilation and hand-outs. The name means "The Race" which is fine and not racist because they're not White. 

Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner,

Communist front that pushes for "health care for all" and "realistic and fair wages." This is a polite way of saying socialism and redistribution of wealth. Webpage prominently features mixed race couples. Ending "Housing discrimination" meaning ending freedom of association, is also one of their issues. 

 Aaron Smith, Young Invincibles

Sounds like something Stalin or Mao might come up with and after looking at their poorly organized web page it seems that isn't too far off. They support, as far as I could tell from their weasel language and lack of a clear message, student loan and credit card debt amnesty. No need to be responsible, young people, the magic government will save you from your poor choices. Website also prominently features the communist "fist" symbol.

Rev. Jim Wallis, Sojourners

And we finish where we started, with more leftist JUDEO-christians. Funded with George Soros money this odious little group uses a lot of communist code words like "racial and social justice," "economic justice" and "environmental stewardship." Beneath the comforting pastel colors of their website lies marxism and support for the sodomite agenda. "The fight against AIDS starts with me," declared Wallis. Just don't shoot H with a dirty needle or allow a penis to be inserted in your rectum and you should win that "fight" very easily.

Full Story. 

Clearly communism, racists and communist racists are the key to saving our national economy. This story is just more proof of how far we've fallen. The only answer is White Nationalism.

A fairly accurate depiction of this meeting.


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