Mob of "Guys" Attack White Man in Detroit Hush Crime

Sometimes in the world of sports when a team has had a losing record for several seasons the team's symbol and uniform is changed. That should help, right? It's the same with the American Negro. The name keeps changing, the dysfunction stays the same. First is was negro, then colored, then black, then "Afro-American," then "African American." I assumed the next, new and improved, name for this failed race of genetic aliens would be something along the lines of "African Heroic and Intelligent Although Oppressed By Evil Whitey Pyramid Builder and Flying American." That's certainly where the trend seemed to be going, but the marxist nation wreckers decided to "flip the script." They became youths, then teens, and now the newest label: "guys."

20-year-old Brent Holloway was badly beaten Tuesday night.  His folks say he was a mile and a half away from his Hazel Park home when a group of guys ran up on him on Maxlow Street.

It's truly a triumph of Affirmative Action and the steady dumbing of Amerika that a paragraph like the above, full of bizarre ebonics and grammatical errors, could be published on a mainstream news site. Seriously, "ran up on him" and "His folks say." I'm guessing they're now putting Journalism degrees in specially marked boxes of cereal.

Then we get the encounter with "guys." I'd put a small wager on their actual racial background, but this article is completely silent on that topic. Race erased in a hush crime attack, the same old story.

Could it have possibly been...negroes?

His father, Adam Holloway, explained, "Somebody approached him, asked him for a cigarette, and as soon as he said..."

When "gibs me dat" turns into a black pack attack. A mysterious "somebody" approaches. 

"He got hit in all directions, side to side, from the back.  He said he immediately went to the ground, covered his head up.  They just kept kicking him and stomping him in the face," his father told us.

Another "polar bear hunting" victim. Don't expect any national outrage or even acknowledgement of this appalling attack. After all, we're more concerned about the magical negro affletes on the electronic synagogue.

The Holloways are speaking out because they want the people responsible behind bars. "This should be attempted murder," his father remarked.  "They left him for dead.  He's lucky he didn't die."

Since we have absolutely no description of the "guys" involved, not even "they were identical looking and behaving negroes" it seems pretty unlikely that any of the "guys" will be punished. Time to put this one down the memory hole, to join countless similar stories of negro mobs attacking Whites for no reason other than the massive anti-White racism in the pea-brain of the typical Amerikwan negro.

Full Story.

Whites need to wake up, which is why I bring these stories to light. Almost all the comments on this journalistic turd of an article (ran up on...really???) show complete denial of race realities. The campaign of hushing up these stories and lying about the identity of the criminals (guys) still is somewhat effective. Still, each day more Whites see the reality of race for what it is. We have been lied to. We are not equal. This kind of moronic, racist violence is the "content of their character." The only answer is removing these low I.Q. monsters and forming our own nations.


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