Muslim Or Mormon

It's almost time again, to engage in the farce of Democracy, to cast a stone down a well and hope some good will come of it. It's an exciting moment in time as we prepare for the last American election that won't simply be a racial head count. In twenty years "he look like us" and "he give da hand-outs" will be the main factors in determining the captain of this rudderless ship. Right now, it's still about real, serious issues. With that in mind, here's a non-biased, non-partisan factual breakdown of the two kosher, system-approved candidates.

A vote for Obama is a vote for...

A mulatto muslim drug abuser.

Soft communism.

Unchecked illegal immigration with the full approval of the government.

Endless war for Israel.

Racial pandering, black swarm attacks, identity politics, White genocide.

The end of the United States as a meaningful corporate entity.

Hand-outs for the 47%

The destruction of the currency, spiraling national debt, The Fed, total economic collapse.

The sodomite agenda.

Big Abortion.

Removing freedom of speech.

Sharia law.

Non-Whites imported into White areas as a form of biological warfare.

New World Order, World Courts, United Nations.

"He gonna pay for mah phone!"

Gun grabbing.

Bowing to foreign autocrats.

A vote for Romney is a vote for...

A Mormon who expects to become a God and populate his own planet via celestial sex.

A sissy who wept with joy when his cult let the negroes in.

Promised cuts in entitlements that never materialize.

Unchecked illegal immigration that he'll pretend isn't happening or doesn't represent a serious problem.

Endless war for Israel.

Ignoring race realities, cowardly refusal to address the coming demographic disaster, general "head in the sand" behavior on racial issues.

A few more years of life support before the death of our national identity.

Riots from the 47% followed by no significant decrease in the hand-outs.

The destruction of the currency, spiraling national debt, The Fed, total economic collapse.

Cowering in fear from the sodomites.

Big words against Abortion Inc., no actual action.

Continued erosion of rights.

Moral relativism, universalism.

Bringing in non-Whites refugees because that's what Mormon Jesus would want.

New World Order, World Courts, United Nations.

"Romney don't care 'bout no black people!" Followed by massive, ham-handed pandering.

A refusal to take a firm stand on gun rights.

Alienating other nations with our slavish devotion to Israel.

There you have it, the final election that won't simply count the number of brown snouts in favor of two dark candidates. Don't forget to vote, slave.

Or start working for White Nationalism.


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