Natural Conservatives: Illegal May-Hee-Can Arrested For Child Porn

There's nothing better for a nation's long term health than importing millions of foreign elements with no job skills, desire to assimilate or interest in obeying laws. Just ask that jewess that defaced the Statue of Liberty with her doggerel. Give us the brown scum. Put them on welfare. Pander to them. This is the strategy of the kosher criminals that currently hold the levers of power. The days of replacing the politicians are over, now it's the population that is being replaced. All of this is good and we should be happy about it. Please, Whitey, accept your own destruction with a smile.

Many are.

But aren't they natural conservatives? Yes, in the same way islam is a religion of peace, blacks are victims of "systemic racism" that gives them preferential treatment in hiring and education and jews are the light of the world that are persecuted by evil not-sees for no logical reason. Here's a quick sample of typical meskin behavior.

Tomas Castro-Guzman, also known as Alfredo Martinez, was booked Tuesday into the Sutter County Jail on suspicion of possession and distribution of child pornography. He is being held without bail on an immigration violation, according to booking records.

Two names for one piece of brown slime. Here illegally, with the full consent of our illegitimate government to spread the cultural sickness of the Latin American sewer. Here for better perversity, committing the spiritually sick acts that White Americans won't.

If we could only convince this animal to vote Republican...

Detectives found video files on Castro-Guzman’s computer, according to Capt. Lewis McElfresh. “These are actual videos and movies involving real children,” McElfresh said.

This is an actual illegal meskin involved in real evil. 

The investigation was sparked by the Electronic Crimes Unit of the Martinez Police Department. Sgt. Dave Mathers was monitoring online activity when he came across Castro-Guzman online.

“He offered to share some files with me, and I accepted that invitation,” Mathers said.

Why don't you have a seat over there, pedro? Real moy macho.

Full Story.

Obviously, the case has been made for allowing millions of welfare colonists into an already terminally ill nation. We need these little brown monsters. Besides, think of the evil White racism of the past. If you find that argument compelling you have the special sort of idiocy that only comes with several years in a Communist Indoctrination Center.

When a new White Nation is created these invaders will be removed. Here's a handy graphic to illustrate the general idea:


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