Pack of "Teens" Acts Up, Whites Wake Up

There's nothing special about today's story of "teens" behaving in a way that's entirely predictable. What is worth noting is the White reaction. The tide is turning and it's going to continue to turn as the mulatto muslim pushes for the complete ruination of the U.S.S.A. But first, the content of their character:

Police say a woman jogging in New York City's Central Park was confronted by a group of teenagers who asked her for a kiss, and 1 of them groped her when she rebuffed them.

No race mentioned, of course. A later police sketch confirmed the obvious.

Yeah, big surprise.
Another son of Obama. 

Police say the 24-year-old woman was running near the northern edge of the park around 8:30 p.m. Friday when five teens approached her seeking a kiss. Officers say one teen then touched her groin and ran off.

The negro war on White women. Time to get armed, avoid the areas where dark people are likely to congregate and stay alert. This story could have ended far worse than it did.

More interesting than this "muh dick" story of typical negro pathology was the White reaction in the comments. Looks like some people need to watch a lot more Talmudvision. 

You didn't mention two important details in your story: What race was the jogger? And what race were the perps? 
Guess the race! Had she shot them dead they would have been innocent, unarmed, skittle lovers.

NYC citizens are unarmed against criminals. Plain and simple. If they thought she was armed they would have left her alone.
Rap trained savages in heat, spreading disease and fetid cultural rot.

1960s: Negros
1970s: Blacks
1990s: African-Americans
2010s: Teens
Actually they were thanking her for voting for Obama..
Someone better alert the p.c. Kommissars about this Thought Crime. White America is waking up. The spectacular failure of "diversity" is now obvious to all but the most delusional. The rotten system can't last much longer. From the ruins of negro failure we'll have a chance to rebuild a White nation.  


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