Police Massacred By Bandits in Africa All Vs. All

It's easy to imagine the future of America on the road we're currently on. If you want to see a decade or so ahead look to Great Britainistan with its erosion of rights, loss of culture and national identity and cameras everywhere. If you want to look several decades ahead, to a time when Whites will have been either totally eliminated or driven to society's margins to the point where we're totally irrelevant, we must look at The Mother. Africa gives us glimpses of the long dark night to come: the witchcraft belt, lynchings, General Butt Naked, genital theft, and endless All vs. All conflict. This could be our future. When the last White is gone, when creativity and civility and freedom is gone, this is what remains. The black nightmare.

The death toll in Saturday’s bandit attack on police in Baragoi, Samburu County in Kenya rose to 37 after more bodies were discovered.

Authorities totally helpless against "bandits." No centralized authority with any real power. Chaos and savagery.

Some of the bodies were flown to Nairobi as the parliamentary committee on security called on the government to respond forcefully to the attack by suspected Turkana cattle rustlers.

Military helicopters were called to help in the search and rescue mission. The attack took place near the Suguta valley, a harsh and dangerous area.

It's hard to find a better description of Africa than "a harsh and dangerous area." Brown monsters, full of foreign DNA preying on each other. Just like Detroit. Or Chicago. Or New York. Or...

We dying here!

The Turkana gang ambushed a combined force of General Service Unit personnel, Rapid Response Unit, Anti-Stock Theft Unit and regular and administration police officers who had gone to Lomirok to recover stolen animals.

Poorly organized and inept big government. A special, wasteful unit for everything. Death and misery.

Community leaders in Turkana Monday said during the encounter between the security forces and rustlers, some four people from the village were injured.

Send in the community organizers! Hope and change in the Heart of Darkness. 

This is the negro left to its own devices, when the protective hand of White civilization is removed. This is the future of the U.S.S.A. This is the present in places like Detroit and Chicago. The time has come to stop the rot, to remove these failed elements. White Nations. This is the only future worth living in.


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