Putting the "Black" in Black Friday

From coast to coast half-dead consumer zombies are presently locked in a struggle with "gibs me dat" 47 percenters, with both sides hoping to claim the latest piece of crap from China. The full ugliness of modern Amerikwa is on display, from soulless materialism to senseless explosions of violence. At the center of this mess is the American negro. Given a chance to take their normally small-scale "Air Jordan" riots to a larger stage they don't disappoint with their predictable savagery.

A fight broke out in the midst of early Black Friday shopping at Woodland Mall early Friday.

We're about to find out the real reason it's called Black Friday. Identical looking and behaving "diversity" running amok.

Details are sketchy, but Kentwood Police confirmed that two teens were taken into custody.

Teens. I wonder if anyone is still fooled by that one.

The news spread quickly on Twitter. “Gang fight at Woodland Mall,” tweeted Michael Peneycad. “Cops tackled them and sprayed pepper spray, everyone in that wing started coughing and sneezing.”

Everybody be coughin' and sneezin' up in hurr, dawg. Dis be da Afreeka all against all, yo. Dem clouds of chemicals finnin' to be put up on dem civilians. Word to The Mother.

Various dark shapes attack in TI-85 calculator footage.

Police credit beefed up security at the mall since a number of violent incidents in 2011. Officers were quick to quell Friday morning’s fracas.

I credit low I.Q.s, lack on impulse control and tribal warfare with causing these incidents.

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Just another battle in the war to spend a welfare check on foreign made garbage. Welcome to the U.S.S.A. Obama voters fighting over pieces of plastic. Worthless, grainy footage recorded with a potato. Police states and chemical warfare in the name of order. The content of their character. Our patriotic duty to waste hard-earned cash on gee-gaws from distant lands. Like a plane with all its engines on fire Amerika rushes toward the unforgiving ground.


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