Student Fleeing Hurricane Beaten and Robbed by Negroes

As the "we dying here" phase of Hurricane Sandy begins we have another bit of negro dysfunction to discuss. Another mob rob against a victim that was assumed to be White by the attackers. Assaulting a harmless individual on the eve of a natural disaster. There doesn't seem to be any low that the American negro isn't capable of sinking down to.

One thug tripped Jeremy Furchtgott, 21, and others pummeled him in the head and body before stealing his wallet with $40 and iPhone at the corner of Albany Ave. and President St. at 6:47 p.m. Monday.

Another scene from the undeclared one-sided race war. A jew serves as a proxy White for a negro swarm attack. We are forced to live among these animals and many of the criminal leaders driving this madness are just as kosher as this hapless victim.

The violent assailants rolled the recent Princeton University grad on his stomach to check his back pockets, the grainy video posted by shows.

"Grainy" might be an understatement. We've got some more blurry and totally useless footage to document the content of their character.

If you can identify these brown blobs contact the national guard.
An NYPD captain showed up shortly afterwards and several other cops tried to find the attackers, scouring nearby blocks, to no avail.

Yeah, I'm surprised too.

“It’s shocking. What kind of sick people would attack an individual who is trying to get home during a hurricane?” he asked.

I'm glad you asked. The sick "people" in question have brow ridges, muzzles, flat noses, burry hair, low I.Q. scores, sickle cell anemia, foreign genetic information and dark skin. Now you know.

We're already starting to hear the inevitable cries of "We dying here!" and "Save us, White man!" When the criminality and all vs. all ends, this is the next stage. Africa in microcosm, a glimpse into the dark future. What will happen when the 47% is 55% or 70%? Will the nation-wreckers realize that they won't be spared either when this country becomes another Nigeria/Bolivia? Based on the silence surrounding the victimization of one of their own, it seems unlikely. We have to save ourselves.


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