"Teen" Girls Rob Communist Indoctrination Center Victims

While many good American citizens are casting votes for "patriotism" and the 47% is out for revenge and free phones the steady rot devouring this country continues. The rust never rests and neither does the negro failure. As the democratic system collapses into nothing more than a racial census the "teens" prey on Whites.

A series of brazen robberies by suspects you might not expect has caused police to issue a crime alert on the University of Minnesota campus.

Spoiler: it's pretty much exactly the suspects you'd expect, assuming you're somewhat aware of racial realities. 

Police say they believe in two of the cases, a pair of teenage girls are responsible for assaulting students in an attempt to steal their cell phones.

Yup, it was those darn "teens" at it again. Maybe a visual aid would help.

Attacked Whites at a Communist Indoctrination Center.

“They were going after iPhones and they would approach students and ask to use their phone, and when the students refuse, they would up the issue and eventually assault them and steal their phones,” said Deputy Chief Chuck Miner of the U of M Police Department.

After a droning lecture about the virtues of Marxism and Identity Politics it's time to get a face full of reality. Attacks from feral negro animals. Mob robs. The end of America as a meaningful corporate entity. The all vs. all. Consider that the real education. More "Obama Girlz" preying on naive Whites. 

“If someone were to ask me now, I probably wouldn’t let them but before I definitely would have let someone always use my cell phone,” Johnson said.

Civility erodes. We become isolated and bitter. We must always be on guard against brown crime. This is the gift of "diversity." In a White Nation you could lend someone your phone. In the mess we currently have, you can't. 

From the comments: "you people are disgusting. please find a country where ignorance is tolerated (im sure iran would take you), because you do not belong in america" There's a lot of truth in that statement, even if that wasn't the poster's intent. Whites no longer belong in the ruin we call America. We need our own country. White Nationalism, even our enemies support it.


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