Another Expendable White Male

From the urban Africas of our large cities to the blasted waste of the graveyard of empires one thing never changes: White life has very little value. We are expected to die, abroad for zionism or here at home to advance cultural marxism. The ultimate goal is White genocide and it is being accomplished through a combination of insane foreign adventures, undeclared one-sided race war in our streets and the constant push to miscegenate and create the kosher ideal of the cultureless, mindless and easily enslaved "tan everyman." When this has been achieved the light of civilization and progress will be extinguished and the endless dark nightmare will begin.

Meanwhile, the strategy is to keep this plan secret by drugging Whites with poisonous food and cheap booze, endless feel-good fictions about the "African American" on the electronic synagogue and quickly disposing of the inconvenient reality. This is why this blog exists, to put that reality front and center, no matter how ugly it is. It's a matter of our survival.

With that in mind, let's look at yet another horrific, racially motivated crime.

“They then find Mr. Proutey.... It's alleged at that time Mr. Quintel Grady approached him demanding his wallet and anything of value. Mr. Proutey produced what was in his wallet, which was $10, and asked if he could keep his ID because it would be hard to replace. At that point he was ordered back into his car and he froze. And it's alleged that Mr. Grady shot him in the head and killed him.” The group then fled, taking Proutey's cash, cellphone and sandwich.

A completely senseless murder of a White man during one of those "robbery gone wrong" the media likes to talk about in highly dismissive fashion. A White life taken by racist monsters for pocket change. Have you had enough of this "diversity" yet?

Nothing screams "diversity" like identical looking and behaving creatures full of foreign DNA. Look at these animals. These stone age throwbacks were allowed to prey on a White man by the traitors and criminals in power. The brown mess in this picture walks among us. The madness of pretending this evolutionary dead-end is somehow capable of living in a civilized nation must end. Time to send them back to the African sewer that spawned them.

“This was completely random. There is no piece that you can connect Joshua to these people with. He didn't hang out downtown, he didn't have any seedy friends,” said his grief-stricken mother Patricia Proutey. “He was everybody's kid. This could have been anybody's kid.”

It wasn't random. It was a racist attack motivated by jealousy and stupidity. Where there's negroes, there's always the danger of this kind of savagery. He could have been any White kid.

“How can you address the inhumane ways people treat one another?,” Evangelous said. “It could have been any one of us.”

Removing these creatures from White nations would be a good start. 

Another White dead. No lessons learned. The same old story. We need to wake our people up to racial realities while there's still time. We need our own nations. Put down the beer, turn off the electric toilet. We're in a war. We must fight for our survival. 


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