Another Negro Shoe Riot

The behavior of your average American negro is almost completely predictable. Crime. Ruined cities. Welfare dependency. Irresponsible sex. (C)rap "music." The down low. Mob robs. Pack attacks. Kill Whitey. Shoe riots.

Yes, shoe riots. It's long been known that the negro has an infantile fascination with colorful and sparkly objects. Add an association with African Tree Hockey and the "shiny" becomes irresistible to the identical looking, thinking and acting "diversity." Anything goes in pursuit of this Chinese sweat-shop garbage and civilization is the first casualty. 

The Shoe Palace at Hulen Mall decided to let people line up to buy the shoes. A line formed around 5:00 a.m. and at one point the pushing and shoving in the crowd knocked over a couple police officers working as security.

When "gibs me dat" goes wrong. Simians eager to spend their welfare check on an inferior product from an oriental slave labor camp attack police. Welcome to the U.S.S.A.

Dumb White taxpayers bought me dis.

“At that point the mall security officer sprayed a short burst of mace (pepper spray) into the crowd,” Fort Worth police Sergeant Pedro Criado explained. “The Fort Worth officer that got knocked down to the ground, he sprayed a short burst of mace into the crowd as well.”

Living fossils being sprayed with chemicals. Expensive shoes for the "poor." The inevitable collapse draws closer.

The brown mob.

The pepper spray dispersed the crowd and didn’t end with anyone hurt. “There were no reported injuries,” Criado said. “The officer did not get transported to the hospital, basically just scrapes and bruising from getting knocked down.”

Considering the amount of agitated and dangerous animals present this was about as good an outcome that could be hoped for.


Fort Worth police made no arrests in regard to the incident.

There's the surprise of the century.

Now that the negro has the shiny magical shoes from exotic Cathay, what happens next?

A man was shot and then crashed a car Friday after two people demanded his newly purchased Nike Air Jordan shoes, Harris County officials said.

"Drop dem nikes 'fore I blast you sucka!"

Deputies said the man and another man had just returned to one of their homes from Willowbrook Mall, where they had bought Air Jordan XI "Bred" tennis shoes. As the driver pulled up to the front of his home, two men in a green, four-door vehicle pulled in front of them. An armed man got out of the car, deputies said, approached the men and demanded their new shoes.

Keep working hard and paying those taxes, Whitey. Keep funding the spectacular failure of the American negro. Pay for their shoes, their bastards, their food and health care. Pay for their crime. Pay, pay, pay. It's time to stop paying. It's time to start working to build a White nation. 


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