Controlled Media: Kill All the White People

Only Whites can be racist. Whites are responsible for every "minority" failure. The negro is cool and intelligent and sexually desirable. Miscegenate. Die. This is the endless script of the controlled media, the endless attack against normal White America. In the past the "kill Whitey" message was usually cloaked in obvious innuendo. This is no longer the case. You can now turn on the electronic synagogue and hear negroes literally calling for White genocide. The reaction from the average White? Cheers, applause and an open wallet.

Actor Jamie Foxx thinks it’s “great” that he got the chance to “kill all the white people” in his new movie, “Django Unchained.”

At the current rate of decay in another few months we'll have a movie called "Knockout Kings" where hip and cool negroes make unprovoked attacks on "racist" White victims while a White audience cheers. Maybe a movie about negro swarm attacks or mob robs or "rape gone wrongs" where the criminal negro is the "hero." Never has the portion of the population that keeps our nation on life support been considered more expendable. This is the one-sided, undeclared race war against Whites. We need to wake up.

Kosher komedy from the nation wreckers.

He referenced his movie, in which he plays a slave, something he considered “whack.”

Dat shiz-it done be wack, yo. Dem jew slave ship owners be makin' mad bank. We brothas still be doin' dis up in The Mother.

But he told the SNL audience not to worry because he gets free and kills “all the white people in the movie.” He then took his jokes to a whole new and disturbing level when he asked, “How great is that?” The audience laughed and clapped.

Laughter and applause for White genocide. Lambs to the slaughter.

This isn’t the first time in recent memory that Foxx has ruffled some feathers with his public remarks. At the Soul Train Awards, the actor compared President Obama to Jesus Christ, calling the POTUS his “lord and savior.”

The mind of the 47%. The idiocy, the racism, the violence, the idolatry. These elements need to be removed, along with the Whites that enabled this disaster. If we're going to avoid the fate of Detroit on a national level it has to happen soon.

Full Story.

Another chapter in the Long March Through the Culture. Openly calling for White genocide on the moron box. We can expect the trend of negro attacks on defenseless White victims, already commonplace, to continue to increase, fully endorsed by the media and our own government. Whites have been targeted for extinction. If we're going to survive we have to make our own way. That way is White Nationalism.


  1. in a sane world he would be dragged from the stage and beaten to a pulp in response, but this is the satanically run world of zionist new world disorder


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